Woodworking Inspiration

So apparently I have a thing for woodworkers and carpenters and wood, in general. The first was in 2013 when I wrote Josh Morin’s character, a cop who moonlights as woodworker and creates most of Olivia’s furniture in her house.

Then in 2016 I wrote Dax Drexel’s character, a master woodworker who specializes in Japanese joinery. In 2017, I wanted to create a cabinet maker with Jordan O’Halloran and so I decided that, heck, with three of them, I might as well put all the inspiration

Master Woodworker Edward Wohl

Stone and Sons Workshop

Nathan Katzoff was the original inspiration for Dax Drexel’s passion for woodworking but since I never posted it anywhere, I’ll post it here. Nathie’s dad was also the inspiration for Daniel Drexel, in the way he’s protective of Dax and is instrumental to Dax’s success in the business.

Sam Maloof Woodworking Genius

Nakashima Woodworking