Where She Belongs



For as long as he’s been my best friend, Gabe has always had the reputation of being a notorious playboy. So I know better than to mix business with pleasure whenever we’re together… until I do.

Too bad it’s the same night my clinic burns down. 

But not even a clinic reduced to ashes can stop the fire Gabe’s kiss has lit inside me. It made me realize everything I’ve pushed aside in my pursuit to do something great for the community, like the attraction that’s been simmering between Gabe and I for years.

I can rebuild my clinic back to the way it was, if not better, but that would mean turning away a chance at something I never thought I deserved. 

But can a playboy like Gabe really change? Or am I just fooling myself into believing that what we have is the real thing when it’s not? 


When Andrea told me she didn’t mind complications between us anymore, I could have played it safe and stepped away. After all, our friendship is not worth losing over a night of passion.

But after eight years of waiting for her to look at me the way she did that night, there was no way I was letting my chance slip away. 

Then her clinic burned down. 

They say timing is everything but with Andrea focusing on rebuilding her clinic, the last thing she needs is some guy thinking he can romance her right into his bed because that’s exactly what I plan to do… and more.

But I’m not one to give up so easily. It just means I’ll need to take my time because there’s no turning back now. No more dancing around the truth, no more denying the feelings we’ve been ignoring all those years. No more games. 

This time it’s real.

This time, I’m playing for keeps.