Liz Durano

#MusicSunday: Let You Go by Brendan James

The air tonight is lighter than all the air  that I was floatin’ on before. I’m higher now for sure I’m talkin’ bout the feelin’, the walk across the ceiling To say goodbye to you and all you… Read More

Inspiration Behind The Character

The other day, someone asked me where I got ideas for my characters.  While I could write about alpha billionaires that are all the rage these days, what made me pick a master craftsman for Dax Drexel instead?… Read More

“Why Forty?”

That’s a question I hear from readers about my latest book, Everything She Ever Wanted: A Different Kind of Love Novel. In a book world where heroines are mostly between 18-30, why did I pick a heroine who’s… Read More

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

I was about seventeen when my mother had a miscarriage.  She’d recently remarried and she and my stepfather were very excited about her pregnancy.  At seventeen, I was more concerned about parties and drinking and being cool to… Read More

Visual Cues

Back in high school (or eighth grade here in the US), my English teacher brought a heavy shoe box filled with pictures.  She had us pass around the box and each student had to pick out a picture… Read More

Anne Rice on the Invisible Enemies of Every Writer

They are always there. In front of you stands the person saying, “What makes you think you can be a writer? What’s so special about you?”