It’s Been Four Years… And Here’s What I’ve Learned

Yup, this month marks four years of publishing for me. I’ve written for far longer than that but when it came to officially publish my books on a site like Amazon, it’s been four years. I remember making $5 that first month, roughly two books sold given that royalty was about $2.77 per book. AfterContinue reading “It’s Been Four Years… And Here’s What I’ve Learned”

#AmWriting, Yes I Am

Somewhere on this blog is a private page that has 32 covers I’ve purchased hoarded since I began publishing—and that number doesn’t include the covers I’ve made. Yes, you read it right. Thirty-two covers. And I can’t show any of them off because I have to write their stories first. But I will show youContinue reading “#AmWriting, Yes I Am”

Happy World Book Day!

I could tell you about my favorite books for Word Book Day but I’ll tell you about the first book I wrote and published instead. Finding Sam is set in Southern California’s South Bay cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. It was my second attempt at writing a novel set in the area, theContinue reading “Happy World Book Day!”

Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

Isn’t that how the saying goes? Anyway, after writing 21k words for my upcoming novel, I decided to start over and this time, follow the outline to the letter. This will be my fourth try, third since I got my outline fine-tuned by a pro. I knew it would take some getting used to, especiallyContinue reading “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke”

Make It Your Best

“Make it your best. Every time. Anything less is, well, less, and could lose you a reader that might have loved your later, better work. Readers are won and lost one at a time, and they’re very easy to lose and extremely difficult to gain. I have zero compunction about improving my offerings whenever possible.”Continue reading “Make It Your Best”