Musings Over Coffee: Writing to Your Strengths

Years ago, I did the Personality Type test that said I was ENFP, a Campaigner. I posted the assessment results on my blog and then moved on, mainly because while it was cool to be someone who was “a true free spirit,” or “the life of the party,” I had no idea how it applied toContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: Writing to Your Strengths”

When You Try Something New – Part 2 #outlines

A week ago, I wrote about how plotting for two weeks didn’t work out for me and that I was going back to pants-ing. Yes, I was whining but after much thought and finally a conversation with other authors who write a lot of books in a year because they outline, I’m going to giveContinue reading “When You Try Something New – Part 2 #outlines”

Musings Over Coffee and a Kid Home With A Cold: Conflict

So I’m still waiting for the coffee to brew and the kid is home sick with a cold. I also have 30 days to get this new book done and this is my current problem: Yup. I have no conflict at all in my current book. No angst, no villain, no… drama. The above screenshotContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee and a Kid Home With A Cold: Conflict”