On Writing: What’s Essential?

I found this Twitter thread that’s so valuable that I have to park it here before it disappears into the depths of my newsfeed: It's your story, and only you can say, in the end, what's necessary. Is it only plot-related stuff? Maybe. Or maybe there's an emotional core you're building. Maybe a poetic structure.Continue reading “On Writing: What’s Essential?”

Anne Rice: “Critics and perfectionists are destroyers. Writers create.”

Whether you want to be a great popular writer, or a literary writer, a poetic writer, an immortal examiner of the human condition, you must finish your writing in some readable form. You must finish a short story or you must finish a novel. Until you do that, until you have a finished work inContinue reading “Anne Rice: “Critics and perfectionists are destroyers. Writers create.””

Writing Advice that Resonates

“If you’ve written things that you’ve written the hell out of and you got the best cover you can, the best blurb you can and you’ve done the best promotion you can afford to do and it’s still not working for you, you should… (well, what I did… let me tell you what I did)…Continue reading “Writing Advice that Resonates”