Strange Days

With everything going on in the world, sometimes I wonder what’s the point in writing happily-ever-afters. As a romance author, that’s not good. True, my summer was frustrating as hell, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m struggling with my current novel because, well, I just can’t find the love anymore. Some days, I’veContinue reading “Strange Days”

The Book My Soul Wanted To Write

Today, someone posted this question in an author group I’m part of: If you had to choose only one of your books, (I know it’s like choosing between your kids), which book would you say is your favorite? And why? It took me less than a few seconds to know what my favorite book was.Continue reading “The Book My Soul Wanted To Write”

Musings Over Coffee: On Cover Reveals and Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions

It’s no secret: I’ve been so down the last few weeks, whether it was because of that little side project making me question if I was doing the right thing or my problems with FB advertising affecting my overall sales that I started wondering if I was chronically depressed. I mean, I was ready toContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: On Cover Reveals and Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions”

Musings Over Coffee: After the Book Launch and Other Thoughts

So I had my book launch for NEED this week and while reality did not meet my unrealistic expectations, the next day was better. Sometimes it’s easier to assume that things happen one way because of something you think you see more of than the things you didn’t see until much later. Sometimes it’s justContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: After the Book Launch and Other Thoughts”

Summer Writing Update

Today I wrote over 3K words although they weren’t for my upcoming preorder. Bad, bad writer me. But at least, I finally figured out how to kill the mood for any sexy time between characters. Put a 10-week-old baby in there and there is no sex happening whatsoever. I can’t wrack my brain on howContinue reading “Summer Writing Update”

A Writer’s Muse

Of all my heroes, Dax Drexel is the top readers’ favorite over any other character I’ve written before. He’s a master carpenter and woodworker with a show room on Seventh Avenue, thanks to his father’s business acumen. He’s blue-collar, rough around the edges, and fun in a wholesome, non-drama way like the rest of myContinue reading “A Writer’s Muse”

Musings Over Coffee: We’re All Too Young to Die

I have a Facebook profile for my family that I check only once a day just before I go to sleep. It links me to my family and relatives abroad as well as my old friends back when I lived in the South Bay and by default, my high school classmates. I check this profileContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: We’re All Too Young to Die”

Musings Over Morning Coffee: We’re Storytellers. We Don’t Quit.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love affair with books. One of my first favorite books was one about crystals and how they’re formed. Another one was Hans Christian Andersen’s original version of the Little Mermaid–you know, the one where the mermaid actually becomes the foam in the ocean, i.e.Continue reading “Musings Over Morning Coffee: We’re Storytellers. We Don’t Quit.”