A No-Date Date #teasertuesday

“You look… stunning,” Campbell says as we stand in front of each other, fidgeting. How long have I been standing at the door without saying a thing, too busy thinking about him and his blue eyes… and his abs? “Thank you.” “Why the boots?” I look down at my two-inch knee-high boots. “Anything wrong withContinue reading “A No-Date Date #teasertuesday”

#AmWriting, Yes I Am

Somewhere on this blog is a private page that has 32 covers I’ve purchased hoarded since I began publishing—and that number doesn’t include the covers I’ve made. Yes, you read it right. Thirty-two covers. And I can’t show any of them off because I have to write their stories first. But I will show youContinue reading “#AmWriting, Yes I Am”

When the Muse Comes, You Listen [Excerpt]

One word, one gesture. That was all I needed. Give me a sign, Sir. Show me you want me. The door opened and I saw his shoes first and then his trousers though I didn’t dare lift my gaze up to his face. I hadn’t earned it, not yet. He was still dressed as ifContinue reading “When the Muse Comes, You Listen [Excerpt]”