Liz Durano

Fathers and Daughters

This video above depicting Serena Williams and her father/coach really hit me hard in the feels when I saw it today. I had written a long post about all the why’s that had to with my writing but… Read More

Weekly Update #amwriting

I took this photo during my first trip to the Frick Collection in New York’s Upper West Side three years ago this week. It was from a free paper I picked up along the way and I still… Read More

The Stories We Tell

The stories we tell are like our clothing, our personality, curated for exhibition. We go shopping in the racks of our own histories, selecting pieces that create the style we want. Having a story added without your permission… Read More

Well, That’s About It

It’s actually not a bad thing. It just means the ebook files for Loving Riley are now being finalized for publication. I had already uploaded the final file two weeks ago but Amazon officially locks down the file… Read More

Sebastian Junger: Why We Write

“I do this sort of split thing when I’m writing. I’m very aware that I’m writing for readers, and I do everything I can to engage them, to make my writing accessible and compelling. At the same time,… Read More

Gish Jen: Why We Write

“When I’m writing I’m unaware of myself. I’m in my characters, in the story. I know the writing is going well when I look at my watch and see that it’s ten p.m., and the last time I… Read More

Rick Bass: Why I Write

“The stories we tell in fiction – stories of warning or celebration, stories of illustrative possibility – are important.  When the shit really hits the fan for a civilization, artists can become more important than ever, in helping… Read More

Pat Conroy: Why I Write

“I do not record the word exactly as it comes to me but transform it by making it pass through a prism of fabulous stories I have collected along the way.  I gather stories the way a lepidopterist hoards… Read More

Terry McMillan: Why I Write

“…I didn’t make a conscious decision to become a writer.  I never did it for the money.  I never did it for the fame. Who knew?  Who ever knows?  I think somehow the craft chose me.  The words… Read More

Jennifer Egan: Why I Write

When the writing’s going well – I’m trying not to sound cliched – I feel fueled by a hidden source. During those times it doesn’t matter if things are going wrong in my life; I have this alternate… Read More

Why I Write

On New Year’s eve, I had the best surprise ever for 2016. One of my readers took a line from my novel, Loving Ashe, and immortalized it in a tattoo.  It’s so beautiful and I’m truly honored beyond… Read More

Rediscovering Your Dreams

The moment you become a self-published author, one of the things you’ll notice is that you’ll start seeing more posts on your social media like Facebook geared towards authors like you. You sign up for a free product… Read More