A Little White Lie and Other Updates

For the past few years, I’ve been wondering how to link Everything She Ever Wanted (Dax and Harlow’s story) with Falling for Jordan (Addison and Jordan’s story), Book 1 and Book 2 respectively in my Different Kind of Love series. Somehow, I never really linked them together except for the second version of the PrologueContinue reading “A Little White Lie and Other Updates”

Sunday Word Count #excerpt

I got to 680 before everyone woke up and it’s time to get off the computer and step outside for a while. That’s 11109 words into my holiday novella and so far, I think I may have found my groove. Caitlin and Campbell seem to be cruising right along and I couldn’t be happier. I’mContinue reading “Sunday Word Count #excerpt”

#AmWriting, Yes I Am

Somewhere on this blog is a private page that has 32 covers I’ve purchased hoarded since I began publishing—and that number doesn’t include the covers I’ve made. Yes, you read it right. Thirty-two covers. And I can’t show any of them off because I have to write their stories first. But I will show youContinue reading “#AmWriting, Yes I Am”

Finally Done

So I lied. I went back and updated two chapters of my latest book. The changes went to Chapters 19 and parts of 20. I know, I know. The book’s been published. What do you mean, you published something that wasn’t your best? Not exactly, although it was my best then. The editor didn’t complainContinue reading “Finally Done”