Liz Durano

New Year Resolutions And A Look at 2018

So it’s 2019 and I see my peers declare their resolutions for the coming year on the forums I frequent. I’m tempted to do that but since I never got around to take a look back at the… Read More

Musings over Coffee: People Like Us

I just got back from having breakfast with my older brother and cousin at Porto’s Bakery and all I have to show for it is this yummy collage of desserts that they’re known for. I was good, though…. Read More

“Make It Better.”

Seriously, if you’re going to read one marketing book this year or next year, it’s gotta be Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. It’s amazing is all I can say and as an author or businessperson who needs to… Read More

Orange Tags and Other Stuff…

Today I found this for my boy Campbell: So I’ll just park it here because it’s a sweet accomplishment I didn’t expect. And did you know I bought this cover back in 2015? Yup, it was one of… Read More