The Kiss #teasertuesday

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“Well, good night, you two lovebirds. Don’t cause a racket,” Dad says as Mom starts pulling him toward their bedroom playfully.

“Let them be, honey,” she says, winking at us. “I’m sure Logan knows what to do.”

“Mom!” But even as I protest, I know it’s useless. If their goal was to embarrass prim and proper Mariah Peters, it just worked even though Logan is grinning from ear to ear as he watches me squirm.

“If you’d rather have me sleep somewhere else, I can take the couch downstairs,” he murmurs as the door at the far end of the hall opens and Emily peers out.

Oh, great. Did she hear him? In my panic, I lean forward and kiss Logan.

The kiss takes him by surprise but he pulls me against his body and kisses me right back. His lips are soft, his stubble scratching my skin. When he tugs on my lip with his teeth, it sends a wave of pleasure down my spine.

As I hear the sound of a door closing, I know I should pull away but I don’t. I don’t care that the time for pretense is over. Instead, I give that kiss everything I have and I’m glad I’m not alone. Logan pulls me closer, our tongues melding together, as if he can’t bear to stop now either. When he releases my lips, I’m breathless, his mouth trailing down my jaw to my neck. Then he returns to my lips again, his tongue slipping between my teeth.

Logan reaches for the doorknob behind me and twists it open. As the door opens, we stumble inside my bedroom, our lips still locked together. It’s as if we’re starving, our kiss deepening as our hands move hungrily against skin, gliding over shoulders and backs, fingers catching in our hair.

I should stop this but I don’t want to. Logan makes the butterflies in my belly flutter like crazy. His kiss makes me go weak in the knees. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of—Logan wanting me right back—but at the same time, it’s the very thing I’m also afraid of. I don’t want to feel this good only to watch things fall apart again like they did with Elliot.

Doesn’t everything happen that way?


Kathryn Harrison

“When you write, endless possibility exists before you.  The unwritten sentence – perhaps that will be the one, the one that makes life comprehensible, the one that reveals the beauty and order under what can sometimes seem like a landscape of chaos and cruelty.  Whenever someone asks me which book is my best, I say I hope it’s the one I’m writing now.  If what I have yet to write didn’t beckon with promise, I’d have no inducement to write – let alone the pressure that drives me to hammer and hammer at something until it seems acceptable, good enough for the moment, anyway, enough to be revisable in a day or a month.  And so, no matter that it’s characterized more often by a feeling of failure than of success, I am dependent on it.”

-Kathryn Harrison, from Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do.