Liz Durano

Liz’s Latest Update

Tonight, I got a notification from Goodreads that someone liked one of my reviews. I had to think for a moment because I stopped leaving reviews on Goodreads after I became a verified Goodreads author in 2014. So… Read More

Rediscovering Your Dreams

The moment you become a self-published author, one of the things you’ll notice is that you’ll start seeing more posts on your social media like Facebook geared towards authors like you. You sign up for a free product… Read More

Coming Full Circle

There are days when you lose sight of why you write and you feel like you’re going nowhere.  And then there are days when you find that spark again, and even get to hold that spark in your… Read More

Favorite Lines: The Adventurers

I’m revisiting the first book that inspired me to be a writer when I was about twelve-years-old. It’s not anything deep or classic, but it’s the one book I have never forgotten and has greatly influenced the way… Read More