“Let the Phone Ring…”

I’m halfway through the holiday novella and I need to get this baby done in the next three days. 15k more words to go before I can then tackle all the other projects waiting their turn for the last two months. Sometimes I don’t know why I do this to myself but when I get to certain parts of my story that make me go “aaawwww,” I realize it’s all worth it.

So allow me to introduce you to florist Mariah and her friend Logan, the main characters in the upcoming novella (November 1, 2018), Her Temporary Engagement:

temp-engagement (1)

“Alright, let’s try this.” Logan takes my hand and brings it to his lips. They’re warm and soft, his day-old stubble tickling my skin.

“That’s… that’s nice,” I whisper, feeling my cheeks burn with embarrassment. Do I really need tips on how to react to a man kissing the back of my hand? Well, apparently, in Logan’s case, I do.

“And this?” His other hand moves up toward my face, his hands warm against my cheek, his thumb along my chin.

“Um… that’s nice, too.”

“Don’t giggle,” he murmurs. “I’m serious here. He’s still watching us, you know.”

My eyes widen. “He is?”

“Him and a woman. They’re standing by the front door.”

“Oh, sh–”

“Close your eyes.”

I should know what’s coming next. After all, I’ve secretly wondered how it would feel like to be kissed by Logan Garrison. I close my eyes as he moves his face closer, his cologne mingling with the faint scent of leather and motor oil, making my stomach clench. The kiss is faint and soft, our lips almost touching, our breaths warming the barest of space between us. It’s as if time decided to stand still at that moment, making every millisecond count until our lips touch.

But they don’t.

That’s because my phone buzzes from inside my jacket and in my panic, I pull away. Why do I feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing? I fumble for my phone and tap on the display, a text message from my manager appearing on the screen.

Merry Christmas, boss! Just uploaded the day’s numbers and will be back at the shop on the 26th.

I make a face. I’ve never been so annoyed by a text message before.


I nod as I turn off my phone and slip it back into my pocket, the kiss I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for all these years now gone.

“Talk about timing, right?”

“It is practice,” he murmurs. “I just don’t want you acting surprised when it happens in front of everyone.”

I take a step closer. “Why don’t we try it again? You know, just to be sure we get it right.”

“Next time, Mariah,” Logan murmurs as his head dips lower, his fingers soft against my cheek, “let the phone ring.”


A No-Date Date #teasertuesday


“You look… stunning,” Campbell says as we stand in front of each other, fidgeting. How long have I been standing at the door without saying a thing, too busy thinking about him and his blue eyes… and his abs?

“Thank you.”

“Why the boots?”

I look down at my two-inch knee-high boots. “Anything wrong with them? They don’t go with what I’m wearing?”

He shakes his head, chuckling. “They look great on you, Cait. Somehow, I thought you’d be wearing–”

“Stilettos, you mean, to go with the dress?” I say as he nods. “And tower over my date?”

“Not with me.”

“Well, you’re not the many guys I dated back in LA. Most of them were under 5’11. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that… it just ruled out heels for me.”

“Good for you, I’m not one of them,” Campbell says. “You won’t have to worry about that on our next no-date date.”

“You remembered!” I love how cocky Campbell gets when he’s not being Campbell, my brother’s best friend.

“Why wouldn’t I? You set the rules, remember?”

“I did, didn’t I?”

He thrusts his hands in his trouser pockets and playfully takes a step forward. “Are there any rules to this no-date date I need to know about? I wouldn’t want to break any of them.”

The way he looks at me makes my mouth turn dry. It’s a look he’s never given me before, one that tells me he likes what he sees… and not in that ‘she’s my best friend’s-sister’ kind of way either. It’s something else, one that makes my stomach do somersaults and my heart beat a bit faster.

And I want more.

Hope you enjoyed that little snippet!

Honestly, these two are driving me up the wall with their cuteness… and even though I’m supposed to be diving into a dark romance story for Naughty Pen (think dub-con and all that dark romance stuff…), I’m not ready to let go of these two. 

Falling for Jordan #TeaserTuesday

The sidewalks aren’t crowded at this time of the morning and I like it. Piper probably thinks it’s one of our leisurely walks, although this time, there’s no elevator ride up to the High Line where I walk all the way to the end of the line and back. Sometimes I find an empty bench and read a book while she naps in her stroller or peruse the art at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Jordan says, breaking the silence between us after we emerge from the subway, coming up the stairs with me carrying the baby carrier and him, the stroller.

“Yep, a beautiful day for a DNA test.” The words come out before I can stop them and he rewards me with an annoyed glare. I don’t know why I’m being snarky other than I’m nervous. “I’m sorry. This is all so new to me.”

“And you think that it isn’t for me?” His frown is replaced with a smile when Piper gurgles at him after I set the carrier back in the stroller.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright. I understand we’re both stressed right now,” he says. “How long before we find out?”

“Three days. And from there, based on the results, either your life will change or it won’t.”

“Addy, my life changed when you told me that Piper’s mine. And honestly, I believe you,” he says. “I do have to tell my family.”

My heart skips a beat. I knew it! He has a family. A girlfriend and maybe kids. Just because he said he wasn’t married or isn’t wearing a ring didn’t mean he didn’t have kids.


Summer Writing Update

Today I wrote over 3K words although they weren’t for my upcoming preorder. Bad, bad writer me. But at least, I finally figured out how to kill the mood for any sexy time between characters. Put a 10-week-old baby in there and there is no sex happening whatsoever. I can’t wrack my brain on how to make it work, and so instead of blaming myself for being clueless in that department (Sorry, I beg amnesia for myself – when my son was 10-weeks-old, I was too exhausted to think of sexy times or writing, for that matter.)

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll return to the baby one and start writing again. I had to ask someone what can go wrong inside an apartment since my hero is a contractor – like, what would need fixing. I should know but at the moment, I’m drawing a blank. But then, I can blame this for that temporary bout of amnesia again:

Today while writing all those sexy times for my other story, I had to constantly replace my writing screen with something else every time my little one walked by or was curious about what I was writing, especially when there were a lot of NSFW terms there. So I gave up writing after awhile and decided to make a video instead.

I made one for Loving Ashe a few days ago but a few things bugged me about it so I decided to make a new one. It’s so difficult to find the right footage before you get cross-eyed but I think I did a decent job with what I got.


Loving Riley Teaser: A Blast from His Past

“How do you know her?” Riley asked him as they stood outside, Ashe smoothing her coat over her shoulders. “And what did she mean about me being vanilla?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” he said as Dave parked in front of the restaurant and the attendant opened the passenger door for them.

Inside the car, Ashe seethed in silence. Of course, Catriona had to catch him right at the bottom of the stairs where everyone could see them together and even take photographs.  He wondered how soon it would be before the pictures were uploaded online and if anyone would remember the days when he and Catriona were regularly seen together at the same event, no matter how discreet they’d been. Who was he fooling?  Of course, someone would remember, if they knew where to look.

Ashe belatedly realized that, while he knew almost everything about Riley, she knew little about him; nothing much about his life after he’d left the family farm at eighteen until the time when he and Isobel Reign, his Sentience co-star, had dated and split up the previous year.

Riley knew nothing about the time when he’d been a struggling actor, when he had done things he now regretted doing—some that got him right where he was now.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get…

Yup, 5 more days before Ashe and Riley land and I can’t believe I’m so calm. How many times have I lamented over Ashe’s story and allowed self-doubt to almost destroy them?

I don’t know and maybe I shouldn’t ponder that question because, well, there are only five days left before launch day and I need all the good happy vibes I can get.

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For Your #FridayReads


I get so excited when I make new ad images for my book so I’m sharing my latest one here.  It’s for my latest book, of course, and one that my client told me a few days ago was my best one yet – the book, not the teaser (she’s biased, though, I know, but she also did say that it was a hundred times better than all my previous books – and I don’t know how to process that at the moment lol).  She also said that she saw so much of my experiences within it, my love for New Mexico and its residents, most of all.

If you haven’t read it, it’s available on all platforms and you can learn more about it here.

Have you made teasers for your book?  What program(s) do you use?  I used to be a Photoshop expert back when I worked primarily with a Dell laptop but ever since my brother converted me to Mac, I’ve used its more inexpensive (and one-time purchase versus a monthly membership fee) Mac version called Pixelmator.  It has all the controls I’m familiar with on Photoshop and it’s also available on my iPhone and iPad.

There are also other apps that I use on my phone like Canva but nothing beats Pixelmator when I have to wrangle layer after layer after layer.

#TeaserTuesday: Everything She Ever Wanted



They say their goodbyes, leaving us standing at the door watching the cloud of dust trailing behind their car. As Dax shuts the door and turns to face me, it’s funny to see both of us acting shy all of a sudden, like two teens caught doing something they weren’t supposed to and were now alone again.  I bite my lower lip as I gaze at him, admiring the view.  I was never into bearded men—until Dax, that is, though his is more like stubble that’s been allowed to grow for a few days, then trimmed to perfection.

“So where were we?” he asks and this time, I don’t hesitate.

“We were here.” I kiss him then, my actions taking him by surprise. But I want Dax, and I’m tired of pretending that I don’t. As we kiss, I boldly slide my hands under his shirt, feeling the taut muscles underneath.  When I tug his shirt, Dax doesn’t need any more hints about what I want. He pulls off his shirt, tossing it onto the bench by the door before pulling me towards him.

“I love where we are,” Dax murmurs.  His hands cradle my face as he looks at me—really looks at me—like he’s drinking me in.  His eyes are so blue, reminding me of the New Mexico sky.  I love the way he devours me with his eyes, and when he kisses me hungrily, it’s all teeth and tongue, as if the time for dancing around each other has finally run out.