Internal Narrative and a Teaser

There’s been talk lately about how some people apparently have no internal narrative going on at all. That’s something I totally cannot relate with because it’s just too busy inside my head.

As an example, this is my internal narrative, courtesy of the characters I write about.

Ashe: When are you going to get to our wedding?

Gareth: No, it’s my turn.

Gabe: Take a number, guys. I’m next.

Daniel: Nope, I am.

Jordan: Weren’t you planning on redoing my arc or something? You bitch enough about it not being compelling enough.

Sawyer: Not until I get to punch Kevin in my storyline. She forgot to write that part.

Dax: Hey guys, quiet down. She’s writing my part right now.

Benny: Not anymore.

In the meantime, because it’s #teasertuesday, here’s one for my upcoming book NOTHING BUT LOVE. This internal narrative belongs to Campbell.

How’s your Tuesday so far? As for me, it’s deadline time so I’m going to be in the writing cave all day!

Not Much Has Changed #TeaserTuesday

I feel Benny’s mouth on the back of my neck, his beard tickling my skin. I giggle, feeling his arms tighten around my waist as I playfully struggle to pull away. As I open my eyes, I see the time blinking from his bedside clock.

“Isn’t your flight in two hours?”

“Hmmm.” He nips the skin behind my ear and I shiver, goosebumps dotting my skin.

“You’re going to be late, Benny.”

“Just one more kiss,” he murmurs. “For the road.”

“One more kiss that’ll lead to one more–”

“Are you complaining?”

I turn my head toward him just in time for our mouths to meet. Of course, I’m not complaining. Why would I? I need to take what I can get for he’s leaving again and for how long, I don’t know. One would think after twelve years as an Environmental Protection Specialist, he’d get to stay in one place for good but with a new oil spill reported on tribal lands in Minnesota, he’s been called in as a consultant. Again. And just like the others before this one, whatever recommendations he proposes will only get mired in government red tape.

But I push the thought away, rolling onto my back as my lips part and his tongue slips between my teeth. My belly tightens as his kiss deepens, his tongue sweeping and tasting, making the butterflies in my belly come alive. Funny how twelve years since he first kissed me, not much has changed. Benny Turner still makes me weak in the knees with just a look, a touch, a kiss.

And that’s just the parts I can talk about.

Sarah and Benny lead the way for Love in Taos, a collection of holiday steamy short novellas I’m doing for 2019. The shorts are about 17k words each and will feature a couple you may have already met in earlier books or new ones.

A Line I’m Not Going To Cross #teasertuesday

As I follow Dax inside, I’m struck by how quiet the Pearl is. The twins would have been running up to greet me by now and begging me to play with them. I was never into kids but that changed with DJ and Ani-Pea. And now, Tyler. “Where’s everyone?”

“Harlow and the kids are at your girlfriend’s place,” Dax replies. “They’re having a play date.”

“A play date?” I suddenly realize I never got around to introduce Alma to Harlow. I’d been too busy trying to appear cool and pretending she needed her space. “When did they meet?”

“The other day.” Dax walks to the kitchen and takes two beers from the refrigerator. He tosses one toward me. “Harlow and the kids dropped by to welcome her to the neighborhood and they hit it off right away. You never told me she was a kindergarten teacher, Sawyer. Now, she and Harlow are talking lesson plans for the twins.”

“Wow,” is the only thing I can say. No wonder Alma never called me. She’s been busy.

“The kids get along, too, so that’s a huge bonus,” Dax adds.

“She’s not my girlfriend, by the way,” I mutter.

“She isn’t?” Dax looks at me quizzically and then shrugs. “Oh, okay. I figured she was since you guys drove from LA together.”

“She isn’t,” I say again. “She’s my best friend’s wife. The one who died last year.”

“So she’s a widow.”

I pretend not to notice my mistake. “Yeah.”

“Oh, okay.” Dax pops open his beer and takes a sip. It’s probably killing him that I’m being tight-lipped about Alma. But why shouldn’t I be? She’s my best friend’s widow, and that’s a line I’m not going to cross—or at least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself since this all began.

Just One #teasertuesday

btr-teaser3 (1)

I hand Tyler to him who doesn’t protest one bit, his attention riveted by the house in front of him, his eyes wide. Biting my lip, I take the keys from his hand, and with trembling fingers unlock the door. Sawyer follows behind me as I step inside and the first things I notice are the plants. They’re in planters right inside the south-facing windows and another one in front of the living room and kitchen. I recognize herbs and vegetables like kale and broccoli, snap peas and green onions.

“This is amazing,” I whisper as I stand in the middle of the living room with its stone floors and adobe walls, some of them inlaid with the glass bottle bricks he was telling me about earlier. Sure enough, they reflect light from outside and cast different colored hues on the opposite wall.

“I’m glad you like it, Al. I hope you’ll enjoy it here at the Willow,” he says as he guides me through the house, telling me about the features common in Earthships like air vents that I’ll need to open during the day to allow hot air out and shut at night, as well as the solar power panels, a water filtration unit, and a recirculation unit for the planters. There’s a washer and dryer that runs completely from converted solar power, as well as a full kitchen setup with a stove and oven, refrigerator and microwave, and a big-screen TV. Other than being located in the middle of nowhere, it looks just like a regular house. Just a tad quirky but beautiful.

By the time he hands me the lease to review and sign, I’m in tears.

“Oh, Alma,” Sawyer murmurs as he pulls me against his chest with Tyler sandwiched in the middle. My body is wracked with sobs that I can’t stop, like a dam finally breaking.

“I’m so sorry, Sawyer. I don’t mean to be so emotional like this.”

“It’s okay. I’d have been offended if you didn’t feel anything. I worked hard on this thing,” he whispers, chuckling and I’m grateful for his sense of humor. In his arms, his manly scent envelops me, reminding me of the ocean blended with sage.

“Maybe it’s all that sage everywhere,” I say, sniffling as I pull away. Can I be any more emotional? It’s just a house. “It’s cleansing the hell out of me, that’s for sure.”

“Maybe,” Sawyer says as a truck pulls up next to my SUV. “That should be Todd. He’s going to help me unload the trailer.”

“Oh, he didn’t have to, Sawyer,” I protest. “I can do that.”

“We both wanted to,” he says. “Seriously, Alma, just tell us where you want the stuff and we’ll put it there. No questions asked. The Villier brothers are here to help.”

“Oh, Sawyer, with words like that, you’ll have women lined up from the main road for days,” I say, laughing as I wipe the tears from my face. I’m happy for the change between us, as if we’re back to the way we’ve always been. Friends.

“Nah, no women. Just one.”

I laugh just as Todd knocks on the door, asking if anyone is home. But Sawyer’s not laughing as he watches me. He’s serious.


Cover Reveal: Breaking the Rules

Not all promises are made to be broken…

Marine Sawyer Villier has always preferred to keep his life simple and commitment-free. It’s why he lives off the grid in Taos, New Mexico when he’s not guarding billionaires.

But when he runs into his best friend’s widow during a stopover in LA, Sawyer realizes there’s one commitment he’s failed to keep, one he made to the man who saved his life in a time he’s sworn to forget.

But Sawyer’s not the only one having a problem with promises…

Single mother Alma Thomas wishes she could forget the moment when she had to choose between standing by the man she loved or saving herself and their unborn child. After a year spent keeping his secrets safe, all she wants now is to move on.

But when Sawyer reappears in her life determined to honor his promises, will Alma be willing to let go of her own?





PREORDER (JUNE 19, 2018)





A Different Kind of Love Series




Teaser Tuesday: Loving Riley

“You keep asking me to show you the real me, all of me, even when he’s been here the whole time,” Ashe began. “You keep insisting you need to see the man that I used to be when I was with her, even when the man that I am now is the man I want to be. I’ve been made a better man by your love, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy you.”

Riley looked up, her blue eyes meeting his as her brow furrowed. How beautiful she was in the early morning light that filtered through the blinds, he thought. Ashe brought his hands up to her neck, his fingers curving at her nape, his thumbs stroking her jaw.

“This is me, and this is who I am with you. I will never be any other man but this.” Ashe bent his head and kissed her, just brushing his lips against hers before pulling away. “I would rather let you go than destroy you more than I already have, and I’d rather sell my soul to the devil than show you the man that I was: arrogant and cruel because I didn’t know then what I really wanted. That part of my past will remain in the past, even if it means not having you in my future.”


Teaser Tuesday: Date Night

She scoots forward so Evan can slip into the tub behind her just as Phish comes on the speakers. As the song begins playing, Esme finds herself smiling as she feels Evan’s body warm behind her, his arms enfolding her. He nuzzles the back of her neck, still wet after she’d sunk her body down up to her chin just minutes earlier.

The song, Show of Life, is one of their favorites. Years ago, they’d left the kids with his parents for the weekend so they could see the band in concert. Esme remembers how the years faded from their faces then, replaced by smiles, giggles, and laughter that made them feel so young again. They’d made love till the sun came up, and she remembers how it felt just like that first night they spent in Atlantic City when he was her first — and her only. But it’s not like Esme thinks she’s missing anything, not even after hearing Marina’s stories of her exploits before marriage — and after. Esme’s known better than to tell them the truth, that she’s only been intimate with one man.

Then she wonders if he’ll always be the only one for her. Would she have someone else, and if she did, would that mean that Evan would had left her for someone else, the way her father had done to her mother? No explanations, no apologies. It is what it is, babe. I found someone else.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Evan asks her as she rests her head on his shoulder. He’s grabbed the sponge and is lathering her arm, his hand moving up to her shoulder and back down. Her other hand is stroking his thigh, feeling the muscles tense beneath her touch, his erection hard against her back.

“It’s been awhile,” she says, thinking it best just to get it out. “We’ve been so busy with work and the kids–” Esme stops herself, realizing that she’s brought up the very things that he’s made sure to get out of the way, even if it was just for part of the weekend. “Sorry–”

“Don’t apologize,” he murmurs. “It has been awhile. But tonight and tomorrow, it’s just going to be us. Will that be alright?”

“No talk of anything but us?” She asks, looking up at him. She loves the way his nose ends into a defined sharp angle along the tip, one that someone once said was the nose granted by the gods. He could have been a model, she thinks, but he’d chosen to become a father instead.

“Just us,” he whispers, setting the sponge aside and taking the shampoo from the side of the tub. “Why don’t you let me wash your hair?”

And with those words, Evan closes the world just to themselves, his hands spreading the shampoo onto her long dark hair that’s spent way too much time being tied into a bun, his fingers massaging her scalp. It gives her goosebumps the way he does it, that she finds herself sighing and almost purring like a cat, relaxing her head and neck so that he can maneuver her head gently forward and back, according to the movement of his fingers. She forgets that she’s gripping his thigh, her fingers digging into his skin as his fingers slide behind her ear, the nerve endings in a turmoil over the sensations that engulf them.

Evan rinses her hair slowly, still taking his time as her breathing turns shallower, faster. There’s something building inside her, one that starts from the pit of her belly, spreading upwards as if seeking release that only she can let loose. When his hand drifts lower to dip between her legs, Esme knows she’s lost.

I originally released Date Night as a short story in 2015 but later unpublished it and offered it only to subscribers. But of late, I’ve been wanting to release it again, this time with other exclusive short stories I’ve written featuring characters from my books. A revisiting, in a way, so Date Night, A Short Story Collection was born and re-published yesterday.

Besides Date Night which features a new couple, Esme and Evan, the fifth edition includes stories featuring Ashe and Riley (Private Lessons), Billie and Heath (The Things that Matter), His Present (Sam and Erik – ultra steamy!), and a first time exclusive, Harlow and Dax (Playing Hooky). 

You can purchase the collection (22K words) on Amazon and Smashwords (epub). I’m currently still waiting for the book to go live on other platforms.