Happy Earth Day!


After getting too frustrated with my WIP last night, I closed the tab and edited something else. I also decided that today, I’d do some gardening. I’ve let weeds choke up my prized rose bush called Princess Diana that grows by my window.

Princess Diana (the rose) is among two out of a dozen rose bushes I ordered so many years ago. I remember planting them in pots because I was renting then and when I had to move, I asked my older brother to help me and it messed up his back. He sure got me back when he asked me to help him and his roommates move and I ended up having to drive a big U-Haul 30 miles each way. Even the movers who helped out remarked that I could barely reach the pedals, but I made it. It messed up my back and I swore I’d never do that again. But I digress…


I ended up giving away most of the rose bushes away except for Princess Diana and a white one called Peace which I planted in the front tenants’ yard. If there’s one thing that gets me to water the yards of both houses, it’s my roses.

So I’m off to do weeding. Maybe it will give me a fresher perspective when I dive back into my book later today.

What are you doing for Earth Day?