October Favorites: The Final Three and A Short Story Classic

With three more days before Halloween, I’m going to finish my Halloween Favorites series with three of my all-time favorites scary movies. There are others from when I was a kid, of course, but it’s difficult to find them anywhere unless you have the old VHS tapes lying somewhere or if you can find themContinue reading “October Favorites: The Final Three and A Short Story Classic”

Next Door (A Short Spooky Story)

With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve decided to dig into my bag of tricks and post a spooky story about the house next door. Enjoy. As usual, Carlos is late. He probably fell asleep again, Josie thinks as she walks into the empty apartment unit alone. She calls out his name but except for the sound of something creakingContinue reading “Next Door (A Short Spooky Story)”