If You Like Urban Fantasy and Vampires…

…then you just might like Beverley Lee’s Gabriel Davenport series. She released the first novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport, last year, and a few weeks ago, she launched the sequel, A Shining in the Shadows, and it’s proving to be another ethereal and dark read.

I first met Beverley on Instagram and I love the atmosphere of her pictures. I loved the first book, especially the beginning which was very gripping and the atmosphere was spot on if you want to scare the heck out of me and catch my attention.

I’m currently reading the second book which I borrowed with my Kindle Unlimited subscription but will definitely be buying it for my own library as well!

A Shining in the Shadows is on sale for $0.99 this weekend only!

And of course, I had to make a little teaser for it with my Ripl app. I’m clearly running out of my books to create teasers for! Want me to make you one for your book? Convey your message (about your book) in less than 30 seconds using less than 8 images (the max is 8 but it can be dizzying if we include all 8 images in 30 seconds) and send it over to me. If anything, it’s the perfect exercise to find out what your book is about, find a hook, and then make the most of up to 8 images and 30 seconds 🙂

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get…

Yup, 5 more days before Ashe and Riley land and I can’t believe I’m so calm. How many times have I lamented over Ashe’s story and allowed self-doubt to almost destroy them?

I don’t know and maybe I shouldn’t ponder that question because, well, there are only five days left before launch day and I need all the good happy vibes I can get.

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An Updated Book Trailer

I have a confession: I love making book trailers. I wish my laptop could still handle the demands of Camtasia which is my go-to software to make videos but alas, it can’t, so I had to find other apps that could help me create book teasers and trailers.

My current go-to is Animoto (available for desktop and mobile devices) and if you haven’t tried it yet, definitely check them out. They offer beautiful themes you can use and while the free version limits your videos to 30 seconds, the Plus version is quite versatile. You won’t have access to some videos that are in the Premier plan but what you do have available is already a great selection. With Animoto you can upload your own pictures and videos and arrange them along with text and royalty-free music to tell your story.

For authors stumped on their blurbs, this is a wonderful way to craft your elevator speech as you craft the storyboard for your video. What is your book about? What is the conflict? What is the hook? I have come up with my best descriptions from making Animoto movies.

This is the latest book trailer for Everything She Ever Wanted and this time, I included some review quotes.

Another app that I use is the mobile only Ripl app. It allows you to craft images and up to 30 seconds of video that they post directly to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also save the images and videos for later use.

I also use Magisto which just recently launched a version for ads but I haven’t checked that out yet. As much as I love video, sometimes when it comes to book marketing, nothing beats a simple image that features your book along with a quote or snippet or two. Or even just the image of the book and nothing else.

What about you? What programs do you use for your book ads?