Celebrating #WorldPoetryDay

I haven’t been around here lately and I can happily say it’s for a good reason: I’m writing! Slow, but I’m writing and my goal is to get a book finished by the end of this quarter and right now, I’ve got 10 days to go so it’s nose to the grindstone for me. UntilContinue reading “Celebrating #WorldPoetryDay”

It’s A Tough Business

Writing is a tough business. It’s tough getting the “right” idea on paper and pushing through all the words until the very last one. Tougher when you realize that you can’t just write one book. You need to write the next one (preferably a series), and just get it done. It’s tough to listen toContinue reading “It’s A Tough Business”

Friday Musings: Flower Day and Migrant Worker Poetry

I had my coffee way early in the morning today and even picked two roses for my son’s teacher and aide because today is Bring Your Teacher a Flower Day or something. Then when we arrived at the school, I saw all the other kids holding store-bought bouquets and I remembered that that’s what weContinue reading “Friday Musings: Flower Day and Migrant Worker Poetry”

When Your Characters Write Poetry…

So Dax wrote Harlow a poem for Valentine’s.  This is part of my #ChickLitLove Hop going on over on Facebook but I tweaked it just a bit for this post. Here it is: Dearest Harlow, You give me palpitations of the very good kind, No, I don’t have tachycardia, it’s just a term I hopeContinue reading “When Your Characters Write Poetry…”