Musings over Coffee: On Plotting, Book Mail, and Mac ‘n Cheese

So I’m currently stuck with the second book of my holiday series and I’m really glad I didn’t set up a preorder because it seems in my quest to outline everything, I lost sight of my heroine’s motivations. Yup, normally those things are the first things that I determine in a story. What makes theContinue reading “Musings over Coffee: On Plotting, Book Mail, and Mac ‘n Cheese”

“Mow and Blow”

You know you’ve been deep in the smut-writing rabbit hole when a simple request for a gardener recommendation conjures images of something else. In other news, remember Campbell’s story that I was so excited to go back to after four weeks of struggling to write another holiday novella? Well, after reading the first three chaptersContinue reading ““Mow and Blow””

When You Try Something New – Part 2 #outlines

A week ago, I wrote about how plotting for two weeks didn’t work out for me and that I was going back to pants-ing. Yes, I was whining but after much thought and finally a conversation with other authors who write a lot of books in a year because they outline, I’m going to giveContinue reading “When You Try Something New – Part 2 #outlines”

When You’re Trying Something New And It Just Doesn’t Work #iamnotaplotter

One of the things I’ve been trying for 2018 is to plot my books. Since I’ve got three full novels to publish this year, I figured plotting shouldn’t hurt. Well, two weeks in, I can safely say that while my original ideas were amazing and pretty simple, the plotted versions went way off-base, became soContinue reading “When You’re Trying Something New And It Just Doesn’t Work #iamnotaplotter”

An Alternative Chapter and Why I Write Them

I used to be a plotter. I used to have graphs and questionnaires galore about my characters, who they were, where they grew up, and in the great big plan that was my novel, what was going to happen to them. Then when I’d finish filling notebooks about their journey, I’d snap it shut andContinue reading “An Alternative Chapter and Why I Write Them”