We Tell Lies For a Living

Yesterday, I came out of the house to find ashes falling from the sky. I don’t live in Northern California where the fires have ravaged thousands of acres and destroyed thousands of homes (and it’s still happening), but in Southern California, we had the Anaheim Hills fire yesterday that turned the sky this eerie shadeContinue reading “We Tell Lies For a Living”

Musings Over Coffee: American Gods

What can I say? I’m hooked. But I’ve also been hooked on it since it first came out seventeen or so years ago when all you had were paperbacks. I remember reading it and going, Whoa! Who is this Neil Gaiman guy because he is amazing! I carried that book with me everywhere I movedContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: American Gods”

I May Have To Start Watching TV Again

The last time I faithfully watched something on TV (or my iPhone for that matter in case it featured cannibals and zombies and I have a kid-friendly house) was Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s reimagining of Thomas Harris’ The Red Dragon, featuring Hannibal Lecter played by the amazing Mads Mikkelsen. So, yes, it’s been a long time.Continue reading “I May Have To Start Watching TV Again”

Repost: An Evening With Neil Gaiman

I’m slowly migrating my posts from my other author-ly blogs (between my old author name and my self-hosted one, I have too many!), and decided to use the Wayback Machine to see if I’d missed anything of note.  And I did.  It was the evening I got to listen to Neil Gaiman.  And it’s soContinue reading “Repost: An Evening With Neil Gaiman”