One More Before Hallow’s Eve! Let the Right One In (2007)

I can’t believe I forgot one of my ALL-TIME favorite vampire movies! Let the Right One In is based on the novel by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. He also wrote the screenplay of the original Swedish movie version, by the way, which follows the book very closely. But the book is something else soContinue reading “One More Before Hallow’s Eve! Let the Right One In (2007)”

Near Dark and Passages

I woke up this morning to the news that one of my favorite actors passed away. ┬áBill Paxton starred in Apollo 13, Aliens, Titanic, Twister, and my all-time favorite cult classic contemporary vampire movie, Near Dark (1987). It’s an independent film directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who would later win an Oscar for Hurt┬áLocker, and starsContinue reading “Near Dark and Passages”