A Day Out

This weekend we headed to the California Science Center so we could check out the space shuttle Endeavor that’s been parked there since 2012. And it sure didn’t disappoint. Except for a few minutes of going around in circles because I couldn’t figure out where we could park that wasn’t closed off to some typeContinue reading “A Day Out”

Our Throwaway Society

Manufacturers have multiple reasons for limiting repair options. One is to profit from shorter obsolescence cycles by making it almost as cheap to replace an older product as to have it repaired. “If you can’t repair stuff, you’re forced to participate in the throwaway market,” says Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of the Repair Assn. Source:Continue reading “Our Throwaway Society”

On Board the USS Iowa #Momlife

Today the Lil Dude and I spent the day at the Battleship USS Iowa. He had a Lego class in the morning and I got to write a little bit on my phone while he assembled the morning’s project which had to do with gears. In the afternoon, a young man named Gil took theContinue reading “On Board the USS Iowa #Momlife”