Well, That’s About It

It’s actually not a bad thing. It just means the ebook files for Loving Riley are now being finalized for publication. I had already uploaded the final file two weeks ago but Amazon officially locks down the file three days before publication date so what you have on file at this point is what theContinue reading “Well, That’s About It”

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get…

Yup, 5 more days before Ashe and Riley land and I can’t believe I’m so calm. How many times have I lamented over Ashe’s story and allowed self-doubt to almost destroy them? I don’t know and maybe I shouldn’t ponder that question because, well, there are only five days left before launch day and IContinue reading “What You See Isn’t Always What You Get…”

Preorder Tour: Loving Riley by Liz Durano

Loving Riley Book 2 of the Celebrity series by Liz Durano Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Cover Model: Stuart Reardon Photographer: Franggy Yanez Cover Designer: Cover Couture | Book Covers & Designs Some secrets can’t stay hidden forever… To his fans, Ashe Hunter is the perfect man, the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood and BroadwayContinue reading “Preorder Tour: Loving Riley by Liz Durano”

His Next Role (Book Teaser)

He has yet to tackle his most challenging role: himself. https://t.co/1EvkR6vlsB #bookboost pic.twitter.com/i2VA8R9PCW — Liz Durano 📚 (@Lizdurano) April 12, 2017 Can I just say that I love making teasers? For this, I use Ripl which is available for IOS and Google Play. Want to get caught up with Ashe and Riley? Start the seriesContinue reading “His Next Role (Book Teaser)”

Things Just Got Real

Today I received a package from Amazon and thinking it was a book I must have ordered – maybe one I forgot – I set it aside. By afternoon, in the middle of doing chores, I finally opened it and discovered it’s not an Amazon order but a Createspace order. The first paperback version ofContinue reading “Things Just Got Real”

His World (Loving Riley Excerpt)

By 6:20 the car was already parked downstairs, its engine idling as Ashe carefully navigated through the snow piled on the sidewalk. As soon as he slipped into the warm leather interior, Lance was telling him how his day was shaping up—phone interviews between rehearsals, signing glossies to send out to fans requesting an autographedContinue reading “His World (Loving Riley Excerpt)”

It’s Gonna Be An Amazing Weekend!

I woke up today to notifications that Stuart Reardon (my cover model for Loving Riley and former pro-rugby player) posted my latest book on his social media accounts. Loving Riley (Book 2 of the Celebrity Series) by Liz Durano @Lizdurano Photographer: @franyanezphoto pic.twitter.com/doBtvQU8rD — Stuart Reardon (@stureardon) April 7, 2017 Add my weekly walk withContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be An Amazing Weekend!”

Done and Dusted!

It only took me two years but Loving Riley is set to go! I think I’m finally happy with everything – from the story to the cover. Yes, author problems and I’m sure it will be followed by release jitters very soon. But there certainly aren’t words more perfect than Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s above. IContinue reading “Done and Dusted!”

A New Launch Date

So I had to make a change this morning, and if you’re reading this from your web browser, you’ll notice that my countdown for the release of Loving Riley has been postponed to April 26.  It may still drop sooner than that date but for now, I have to pick a date that’s within theContinue reading “A New Launch Date”