Done and Dusted… and a Heat Wave

Two weeks ago, we put away the portable air conditioner because, you know, fall is here. Or it’s supposed to be. Well, today the temps hit the three digits and tomorrow this is what we have in store for us living in Los Angeles. Yup, can you say hot? So today, without an A/C inContinue reading “Done and Dusted… and a Heat Wave”

For #internationalkissingday

…meet Bud White and Lynn Bracken of L.A. Confidential, the first couple I totally ‘shipped’ back when this movie first came out. I used to have the DVD and it came with a version where it only played the music of the period throughout the whole movie. It was amazing and I have no ideaContinue reading “For #internationalkissingday”

Musings Over Morning Coffee: Empty L.A. and Angelfall

In his project EMPTY LA, photographer Matt Logue¬†crafts a post-apocalyptic version of the city without a car or person in sight. The effect has a lot of impact, making the congested City of Angels resemble a ghost town.¬† Source: Here’s What LA Would Look Like If It Were Completely Deserted – UpOut BlogUpOut Blog AsContinue reading “Musings Over Morning Coffee: Empty L.A. and Angelfall”