Here We Go: The Weekend Edition

What strange times we live in, eh? Today, LilDude’s school district announced that they would be closed for five weeks. Then hubby came home with a bad cough and later told me that he’s been experiencing aches and pains in the last week or so but chalked it up to all the painting he wasContinue reading “Here We Go: The Weekend Edition”

And It’s Only Tuesday

Today, my LilDude almost had a meltdown at the bus stop because it was 20 minutes late. Since their school is being updated, they are being bussed to another school on the other side of town so that means I drop him off at 8:10 so he can get the second out of 3 bussesContinue reading “And It’s Only Tuesday”

Holiday Plans So Far: No More Books

.. at least, for the rest of the year. All 28 days of them. Instead, I’m going to take it easy on the author front and kinda just write when I feel like it and publish when I feel like it. Speaking of publishing, Naughty Pen just published her third story today. Didn’t break bestseller records,Continue reading “Holiday Plans So Far: No More Books”


Sometimes you just have to quiet your thoughts, excuses, and rationalizations, and listen.  Really listen. For the last few weeks, that little voice has been telling me to stop teaching the advanced massage therapy classes I’ve been teaching since 2005.  It’s not a regular thing anymore; I’ve cut down on my teaching schedule in theContinue reading “Listening”