A Sweet Holiday Story for You


I wrote The Accidental Christmas three years ago after a trip to the Christmas tree lot with my then-five-year-old Lil Dude. We told him that he would get to pick the tree he wanted and as we followed him between rows of trees hoping and praying he wouldn’t pick the tallest tree, he surprised us by picking a tree his size, about three feet tall.

Anyway, when we got home and admired the small tree as it stood in its rightful spot looking kinda dwarfed by all that space, I knew I had to write a story to mark the occasion.

The story that emerged is what I’d call heartwarming with some angsty moments along the way and you can download it for free by clicking on the image below. No steamy scenes here, though, but I hope you like it!

ipadmini_707x1018 (33)


Sometimes, second chances come when you least expect it

When a marriage of convenience ends in scandal, single mother Cameron Thomas must now make a life for herself and her deaf son in a small seaside town where years ago, she’d been happiest.

But even as she struggles to adjust to a life that’s far from the lifestyle she once knew, it’s forgiving herself that’s turning out to be the toughest thing to do, made even harder when her path crosses with the man whose love she gave up so long ago.


Holiday Stories… Re-Covered

With the holiday season barreling right through, I realized that I have a few holiday stories featuring characters from my books. I’d written them as a “slice of life” exercise to see where they were now after the book was over. I like doing that with my characters for I love them to bits and am ever so nosy.

Yesterday, I put on a new cover on the holiday stories for Ashe and Riley. Nothing too drastic since I simply revamped the version of the original cover to have the same texture similar to the new versions of covers I’d just made. But I also went through the stories in the book and it felt like coming home again to read about Ashe and Riley’s Yorkshire Christmas. Unfortunately, I’m not too happy with the cover image and so I’m still on the lookout for the perfect image.

And then I went to bed thinking about Dax and Harlow and about the holiday story I wrote for them two years ago. The cover for their story, A Taos Christmas, was pretty simple. A hanging star ornament and that was it.

This morning, I knew what I wanted to do and sought out to find the perfect image, one that was closest to the couple inside my head. And then I found it, added a loud red bow to make it completely Christmasy (in case it’s not obvious since the tree is pushed off to the side), and now I’m in love.

ipad_696x1042 (5)

Now I wish I had a longer story for Dax and Harlow, but then therein lies the beauty of self-publishing. I can do just that and update the story as I go. Although given my current schedule (five books on the schedule), I’ll probably wait until next year to do so.

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy their story as it appears. Sweet with a touch of steam.