“… Best Decision I Ever Made” #teasertuesday

Campbell finds me in the living room two hours later, sitting on the lambskin rug on the floor in front of his Christmas tree that’s all lit up. Fully decked out with the decorations we’d purchased at the holiday market, he added white string lights that make the golden ribbons and tinsel glisten like stars.Continue reading ““… Best Decision I Ever Made” #teasertuesday”

LIVE: The Replacement Fiance

My holiday novella went live at midnight and that’s one down for the Holiday Fiance series and two more to go before the year is over! Have you gotten your copy yet? I also have a giveaway going on that’ll end at midnight for a signed copy of The Replacement Fiance and a $10 AmazonContinue reading “LIVE: The Replacement Fiance”

Sweet Holiday? Or Steamy?

I accidentally set yesterday’s post to Draft while carrying my iPad from one room to the other, my thumb apparently somewhere it shouldn’t have been. But just as I was about to click Publish, I realized it would send the notification that I published the same thing again to followers so I said, meh, andContinue reading “Sweet Holiday? Or Steamy?”

Done and Dusted: Christmas Romance Edition

As of today, I am done with writing Christmas romances for the year. Sad, because it would have been nice to write another one to round out the count to three or so even if only two of those would have been in the same series. But after telling myself not to fall into theContinue reading “Done and Dusted: Christmas Romance Edition”

“Let the Phone Ring…”

I’m halfway through the holiday novella and I need to get this baby done in the next three days. 15k more words to go before I can then tackle all the other projects waiting their turn for the last two months. Sometimes I don’t know why I do this to myself but when I getContinue reading ““Let the Phone Ring…””