Liz Durano

Falling For Jordan

SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE: OCTOBER 20 Some one-night stands are just that: one-night stands… But for transplant physician Addison Rowe, it means a baby nine months later and a story she’s stuck to about being a single mother. By… Read More

When Your Characters Write Poetry…

So Dax wrote Harlow a poem for Valentine’s.  This is part of my #ChickLitLove Hop going on over on Facebook but I tweaked it just a bit for this post. Here it is: Dearest Harlow, You give me… Read More

Finding Truth in Stories

A few readers have asked me who my inspiration for Dr. Harlow James in my novel, Everything She Ever Wanted, was – if I had one.  And I sure did have someone in mind, a few in fact…. Read More

For Your #FridayReads

I get so excited when I make new ad images for my book so I’m sharing my latest one here.  It’s for my latest book, of course, and one that my client told me a few days ago was… Read More

#MusicSunday: Let You Go by Brendan James

The air tonight is lighter than all the air  that I was floatin’ on before. I’m higher now for sure I’m talkin’ bout the feelin’, the walk across the ceiling To say goodbye to you and all you… Read More

Official #Launch for Everything She Ever Wanted and #TuesdayTeaser

Today is the official launch day of my novel, Everything She Ever Wanted.  It’s the culmination of work that started around April this year, which makes it a seven-month journey. True, it tackles the overused older woman-younger man… Read More

Everything She Ever Wanted #TeaserTuesday

I know it’s no accident why I’m here and why I’m not about to let some arrogant kid like Dax Drexel bully me into leaving.  I’m here to start over, let Marcus go, and move on with my life…. Read More

Everything She Ever Wanted

Sometimes what we have isn’t exactly what we need…And for Harlow James, it will take losing it all to find everything she ever wanted.