I’m Grateful for You

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for each and every one of you who stops by to visit this blog. I wish you a wonderful day filled with so many blessings and the gift of friendship and love!

Today we’ll all be trekking to the in-laws for Thanksgiving lunch. Then it’s back to writing that holiday novella that was due last year, but only as long as I don’t get distracted by the next shiny thing… oh, look! A new story idea! A new pen name! A new way to kill time instead of write!

How’s your day going?


Today is Thanksgiving in the US and we’re all going to be joining family and friends and chatting about our lives over turkeys and tofurkeys. And although I’m grateful for being able to live the life I’m living every single day, today I’m especially grateful for you—for stopping by my blog and saying a few words.

One of the things I missed a lot when I went full-author three years ago was blogging and the friends I made while blogging. Suddenly, everywhere I turned, self-publishing gurus said that blogging was dead and was a useless endeavor for an author, that unless you had thousands of followers, you’re only writing to the ether. Time better spent on marketing and writing your books.

And for the first time since I had no shortage of things to write about or writing prompts (daily ones!) to tackle in the form of poetry or story, I had nothing to write. Would I write about my books again and again? I know I sometimes do. Would I write about the process of writing which I normally don’t delve into so much because I just write what I want to write? And who’d want to read that?

And so I stopped blogging regularly (or writing poetry for my poetry blog for that matter) for almost a year while finding myself immersed in the world of book marketing and promotions. But I never stopped reading blogs. I always loved seeing glimpses of people’s lives and the places they lived and visited and I still love it now.

A few months ago, while the same advice was given (writers waste their time on blogging), I sneaked back into blogging (here) and I’ve never been happier. It doesn’t matter how many followers I have. I see familiar faces and I smile. I read their stories, their poetry, and their opinions. And I smile some more. Sometimes I’m sad, depending on what they write but that’s part of the package of blogging. It’s about life and I love being given the chance to take a peek into others’ lives and their experiences and feel like I’m part of something else online besides just being a writer and writing.

So thank you. I’m thankful for you.