February Newsletter


My monthly newsletter just went out and here are the latest updates:

  1. I have the flu. Or a cold. Or whatever it is that makes the bones on my face hurt. Maybe a sinus infection. That’s my excuse for a newsletter that completely disregarded that February is the month of love love love! I didn’t even mention Chinese New Year! But that’s only because I was so distracted by #2…sally-field-oscar-speech-o
  2. A nomination! Everything She Ever Wanted is an Audiobook Listener Awards finalist in the romance category! While it’s not Academy Awards type picking of winners, I guess it goes by how many votes you get. So that means Dax and Harlow will need your votes. Like, every day. You can vote here and also get to vote once per day… until June. Whew! That’s a long way off!
  3. #2 was such great news that I temporarily forgot I was sick but 12 hours later, and my body reminded me and I never got to send this out in time. Hence I’m sending it two days after I started writing it, sent it and sent a correction…
  4. A Completely Unscientific Survey! I decided to create a poll right here on my blog because I really want to know what my readers like about my books, or books in general in case they haven’t read a single one. If you want to answer it, it’s here.
  5. Giveaways! I’ve got a few promotions to share. Free book downloads and Kindle Fire and Echo Dot giveaways. And then there’s my Everything She Ever Wanted audiobook giveaway or $20 Amazon/Itunes Gift card in case you already have the audiobook. Just click on the banners and you’re good to go!


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With my cold-addled brain, it’s a miracle I got to send the newsletter on time which also means I won’t have anything to send out for Valentine’s day when everyone will be sending out newsletters talking about their latest sales. I got none except for my romantic suspense novel, Collateral Attraction. It’s 99 cents for the month of February! Wait, that’s not a really good sales pitch, is it? But I do like my nifty graphic…

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Anyway, this is not such a good play-by-play of my newsletter so I’ll link the first one that went out with a bad link for a new release and the corrected version which turned out to be a condensed version with a free book download of a pretty erotic novella… 😘

First Newsletter with all the fixings

Second (corrected link) newsletter with free erotica novella



My January Newsletter

What an imaginative title for a post! But I ran out of good titles before coffee so it will have to do. Anyway, each month I send out a newsletter to my subscribers and while that email is queued to go out early tomorrow morning, you get to see my recommendations and giveaways here first!

What I’ve Been Reading

I added a few books to my library during the holiday break and these are three that are on top of the list (and in no particular order).

Saltwater Scars: In the Deep Book One by Jenna Brett

Saltwater Scars: In The Deep is the first book in a trilogy that follows the adventures of scarred former Marine and billionaire, Neil Morgan, who believes no one will ever love him because of his scars and his baggage, and Ross Gillian, also a former Marine, who’s got her own problems. When he stumbles upon a game-changing technology that could alter the course of history, he inadvertently puts Ross and her family in harm’s way.

To keep her safe, Neil must face his demons and step out of his gilded cage to protect her. But will she let him?

Saltwater Scars: In The Deep is 99 cents or FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Lover Boy: Blue Collar Bachelors Book 1 by Cassie Ann L Miller

The road to hell is paved with good intentions… and in Theresa “Reese” Hartley’s case, a pair of her enormous red granny panties that her gorgeous next-door-neighbor’s young son pulled from her recycling bin to use as a superhero accessory. When he hires her to babysit his adorable troublemaker, not only do her maternal instincts go into overdrive, but the sexual tension between them as well…

I just started reading this and it’s hilarious. It’s currently FREE until 1/12 so grab it now or if you’re in Kindle Unlimited, add it to your library!

Lover Boy: Blue Collar Bachelors Book 1 is the first book in Cassie’s newest series, Blue Collar Bachelors.

The Biographies of Ordinary People: Vol 1: 1989-2000

I discovered Nicole Dieker’s blog during my break and heard about her book. So naturally, I one-clicked it (it’s available on all platforms) and love the realistic drama that unfolds on each page. It’s not a quick read for me but it’s an intimate read. And that’s how I like some of my books sometimes.

Set against the past thirty years of social and cultural changes, this story of the Gruber family, friendship, and artistic ambition takes us into intimately familiar experiences: putting on a play, falling out with a best friend, getting dial-up internet for the first time. Drinking sparkling wine out of a paper cup on December 31, 1999, and wondering what will happen next.

Check out Nicole’s book on Amazon here.

Want to download 30 FREE books? If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, go ahead and add them to your library!

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Click here to download 30 FREE books

Want to win a signed copy of my books? You’ve got a choice of three to choose from! My current picks for this month’s signed paperback giveaway are Everything She Ever Wanted, Falling For Jordan’s exclusive paperback cover of Jordan and baby Piper, and the brand spanking newly-recovered Collateral Attraction! You get to pick which one!

Click here to enter the giveaway

Hope you all have a wonderful January and may we get to stick to our resolutions till February 1st!

It’s Boxing Day (or Fill Your E-Reader Day!)

It’s the day after Christmas and it’s time to box everything up – but I’m not because I’m writing for most of the day (the muse finally stopped by late last night but I was too tired to write). And if you’re in the mood to discover new romance authors, then today is your lucky day. My friends have free and $0.99 books you can download to your e-readers and even a giveaway!

First, my friend Elizabeth Lynx has her book free for a limited time. Just click the link to download for Kindle:


Author Sydney Logan has two of her books FREE today:


Turn the Page: http://a.co/6p4KP2W
Meet Cute: http://a.co/0GOThrR

And then the group promotions:



If you’re in the mood for short reads, you can download books of different genres (not just romance) here. A newsletter sign-up is required for this one:


Hope you find a book or two (or more) to read today!

Black Friday is Here and That Means FREE Books!

Yup, I’m staying home for Black Friday like I do most Black Fridays since I realized most of the stuff on sale that I have to battle for I can get for a better price on Cyber Monday with bit of patience. Besides, I’m broke at the moment… (note to self: no more exclusive model photo purchases!)

So, what’s a girl to do on Black Friday? Well, she’s going to link to FREE romance books. Romance books, everywhere.

First, there’s Carrie Lomax’s debut novel, Holiday Heat, that I reviewed here. I hope you’ll enjoy Alyssa and Marc’s story and when you have time, please leave a review!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

And that’s not all! Here are more than 80 books for you to download away!

Just click on the image or here and download to your heart’s content!

And happy Black Friday weekend!

An #indie Selection for Your Weekend

Want to check out some free and discounted books to read this weekend?  Here are a few contemporary romances to get you started!


If you’d like to check out more books, you’ll find more of my January picks here as well as a giveaway!