Free and Discounted Romance Books for Valentine’s Day!

There are lots of free or discounted books this Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share them with you. Some may be steamy (but not erotica), so check the description first if that’s not for you. Some are available at all retailers while others are available only on Amazon. This first one’s available everywhere: AContinue reading “Free and Discounted Romance Books for Valentine’s Day!”

February Newsletter

My monthly newsletter just went out and here are the latest updates: I have the flu. Or a cold. Or whatever it is that makes the bones on my face hurt. Maybe a sinus infection. That’s my excuse for a newsletter that completely disregarded that February is the month of love love love! I didn’tContinue reading “February Newsletter”

My January Newsletter

What an imaginative title for a post! But I ran out of good titles before coffee so it will have to do. Anyway, each month I send out a newsletter to my subscribers and while that email is queued to go out early tomorrow morning, you get to see my recommendations and giveaways here first!Continue reading “My January Newsletter”

It’s Boxing Day (or Fill Your E-Reader Day!)

It’s the day after Christmas and it’s time to box everything up – but I’m not because I’m writing for most of the day (the muse finally stopped by late last night but I was too tired to write). And if you’re in the mood to discover new romance authors, then today is your luckyContinue reading “It’s Boxing Day (or Fill Your E-Reader Day!)”

Black Friday is Here and That Means FREE Books!

Yup, I’m staying home for Black Friday like I do most Black Fridays since I realized most of the stuff on sale that I have to battle for I can get for a better price on Cyber Monday with bit of patience. Besides, I’m broke at the moment… (note to self: no more exclusive modelContinue reading “Black Friday is Here and That Means FREE Books!”

It’s March FREE Book Blast!

Welcome to the March FREE Book Blast! Get your FREE reads and enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Download some or all of the featured FREE books and hopefully discover a new favorite author! These sales/opportunities are only available for a limited time only, so please double check the price before you purchase.

Do You Have Kindle… And Love Romance?

Then definitely check out this awesome giveaway of Kindle books straight to your app or device as well as a $50 Amazon Gift Card!  From now until January 22, you get a chance to fill up your Kindle with romance books like mine (Psst! Everything She Ever Wanted is Giveaway #1!). Click the image aboveContinue reading “Do You Have Kindle… And Love Romance?”