Happy Halloween 🎃


In ancient Celtic times, today would be Samhain (pronounce So-wen), the last day of the year, when all the harvest would be brought inside to prepare for winter. They would sweep their houses clean and rid it of the old and make room for the new. Old beliefs for new ones. The old way of thinking for a new way of greeting the world.

Today, the veil between the living and the dead would be at its thinnest. And depending on what part of the world you’re from, the two days that follow is when we honor the ones who passed before us and remember them as well.

So Happy Halloween, trick or treaters! I’m going to lift the veil between the world with a few spicy and spooky freebie deals for you to pick up (if you’ve read this far!) although the second set is contemporary romance.

This first collection is comprised of erotica and erotic romance books so be aware of that when you click away!

Halloween Erotica


Contemporary romance free and 99 penny books:


Happy Halloween!

Done and Dusted!


Yup! Done and dusted on Friends with Benefits, the official title for Campbell and Caitlin’s story that’ll be coming out… well, I don’t know yet because I have to consult my crystal ball first.

First things first is the cover reveal because this one’s one of my favorites. I bought it back in December 2015 and I was among 5 people who wanted it but thank goodness, i got to him first and he’s been with me ever since, just waiting for the story that was just for him.

I have 30 more covers to go, just waiting for their stories…

In the meantime, if you’re looking for free books to add to your e-reader this weekend, check out this giveaway where there’s something for everyone – all romance, of course!

One of them just might be mine…

Click on the link to download sweet and spicy romance!

Escape into Books!


Yup, it’s that time of the year again where authors get together and offer their books for free for ONE DAY only (well, at least, for this promo!) so if you’d like to fill your e-readers with romance books, now’s the time! And they’re available from all retailers!

Falling for Jordan is also FREE today. Yes, that book I’ve agonized over for months and months on end last year until your ear fell off from listening to me whining about it is free. It’s FREE, I tell you, today only!

Kidding aside, I’ve realized why I’m so insecure about this book… or was. It’s because it has a diverse set of characters—from the heroine who is half-Filipino-half-American and her mother who is Filipino—and I’m not used to opening the door wide open to things I’m really close to, like my own culture. Which is a shame because we really need diverse books, right?