Things I’m Doing Instead of Writing the Next Book (A Procrastination Post)

Unpublishing a few books that need a few tweaks (i.e. put back the sex I removed while on a drunken spree). Removing most of the passages about family in Falling for Jordan that detracted from the romance big time Unpublishing that book while I’m removing said passages and fixing plot Getting the last of thisContinue reading “Things I’m Doing Instead of Writing the Next Book (A Procrastination Post)”

How Do You Know When Editorial Feedback is ‘Right’? – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

A quick reblog because I love this – and it’s to remind me why I have an editor, to begin with. Editing does not mean correcting. It does not mean changing things without your say so. It does not mean overriding you or your vision for your book. In fact, done right, it’s about helpingContinue reading “How Do You Know When Editorial Feedback is ‘Right’? – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD”

A New Launch Date

So I had to make a change this morning, and if you’re reading this from your web browser, you’ll notice that my countdown for the release of Loving Riley has been postponed to April 26.  It may still drop sooner than that date but for now, I have to pick a date that’s within theContinue reading “A New Launch Date”

When the Master Speaks… You Listen #Writing

So today while finishing up my manuscript and crossing my fingers that all loose ends have been tied nicely in a hundred bows, I saw this: Aspiring fiction writer? Cool! Here are 2 phrases you must NEVER use: "for a long moment" and "for some reason." Find another way! — Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 22,Continue reading “When the Master Speaks… You Listen #Writing”

Back on the Editing Train…

My editor emailed me this morning saying that she would probably not get to my manuscript until Monday and suddenly, all my new WIP last night were forgotten. I still had a few days. Huzzah! And so that’s what I’m doing until Thursday, working on the last part of Loving Riley where my story kindaContinue reading “Back on the Editing Train…”

Now Comes the Waiting

Hard to believe but I just spent the last eight hours butt-to-chair finishing up the self-edits of Loving Riley before I attached the Word files for my editor (.doc and .docx because I couldn’t remember what she preferred) and hit Send.  And I did this without any of my web browsers up.  Yep, disconnected fromContinue reading “Now Comes the Waiting”

Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

Sometimes I think the universe or Fate has to intervene to tell us something when we’re clearly refusing to listen to anything else but our constant self-talk and self-doubt.  And today, one message came loud and clear – again. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. A week or so ago, I posted that I was going toContinue reading “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke”

One Step At A Time

“E.L. Doctorow once said that ‘writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.’ You don’t have to see where you’re going, you don’t have to see your destination or everything you will pass along theContinue reading “One Step At A Time”

Back to Basics

The last few days have been big for me.  I finalized the purchase of an exclusive photo for Loving Riley and my cover designer started on it right away.  It’s a brand new design, which explains the new book cover design for Loving Ashe, and I’ve already seen the mockups for Loving Riley.  And it’sContinue reading “Back to Basics”