Review: Say You Need Me by Carrie Lomax

I discovered Carrie Lomax quite by accident and I checked her book, Say You’ll Stay (theĀ old title was Holiday Heat), out. I loved it so much I reviewed it here. Well, I’ve been looking forward to Janelle’s story since I finished Alyssa and Marc’s and I’m so glad it’s finally out. Janelle is Alyssa’s youngerContinue reading “Review: Say You Need Me by Carrie Lomax”

Book Review: Holiday Heat by Carrie Lomax

Last night, I stumbled on Holiday Heat: A Christmas Dramedy by Carrie Lomax, a seemingly “holiday” novel with its Christmas glitter and mistletoe on the cover that’s not exactly a holiday novel. It’s set during the holidays, yes, but it’s *not a holiday novel. Family dynamics? Check. Sibling rivalry and protectiveness? Check. Steamy AF hotContinue reading “Book Review: Holiday Heat by Carrie Lomax”