Liz Durano

A 2020 First! A New Book!

Well, I did it! I released my first book for 2020 and that is HUGE for me. It’s a novella at 25k words but it’s still a HUGE deal for me and so I’m celebrating. How? I’m spending… Read More

Two Years Ago Today…

I press Publish on my fourth novel, Everything She Ever Wanted, the story of Harlow James, a heartbroken surgeon and Dax Drexel, the cocky carpenter who helps her discover the meaning of life. Of all the books I’ve written,… Read More


It’s been a long detour, I tell you, and I think I’m finally back on track. And whose music gets me back on track for the series his song started in the first place? Yup, Brendan James!


A few months ago, I met the singer-songwriter who inspired Dax and Harlow’s story, Everything She Ever Wanted, and after summoning the courage, I asked for his permission to use the lyrics of his song for the epigraph… Read More

Tied to You #MusicMonday

I’ve got a few posts coming up but first, this is one of the songs that is not letting go of me this morning. It usually means a story’s coming up from characters already set inside my head… Read More

Nothing For Granted #MusicSunday

Today is Daylight Saving Time, which means we fall back one hour.  It means one extra hour to write… or kill time on social media (here’s hoping for the former). So why not listen to some live music… Read More

#MusicSunday: Let You Go by Brendan James

The air tonight is lighter than all the air  that I was floatin’ on before. I’m higher now for sure I’m talkin’ bout the feelin’, the walk across the ceiling To say goodbye to you and all you… Read More

Music Sunday

It’s a lazy Sunday here in SoCal. It’s cloudy and tomorrow the forecast is rain, which is much needed here in my neck of the woods.  It’s the perfect time to do some reading and listening to cool… Read More

Two More Days, A Book Launch Party and Brendan James

Yep, two more days before Everything She Ever Wanted goes live!  This is my fourth book out of the gate, so to speak, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s my first release for 2016 and like my heroine,… Read More

He Said Yes

I have a confession. I totally fangirled over singer-songwriter Brendan James tonight after I saw him and his band perform on the Rockwell Table & Stage in L.A. After missing him in San Diego during the weekend because I… Read More