Getting Ready for the Weekend: New Releases and Sales

There are quite a few awesome deals going on this weekend and I want to share them with you. First up is Michelle Jo Quinn’s contemporary romance, When He Falls, which is 99¢ for a limited time on all retailers.



I just snagged me Coming in Hot: Rescue Me, a sizzling hot medical romance box set which is currently 99¢ during release week. I definitely need more gorgeous doctors in my life, even the shifter kind!

You can grab this set of 16 books from the following retailers:



And then there’s Hot Boy, a sizzling hot fireman in this rom-com by Cassie-Ann L. Miller which just launched this week at 99¢ or free in Kindle Unlimited:


What are you reading this weekend?

In His Heart #TeaserTuesday

It was always the same dream. Just like the day it happened seven months earlier, someone switched off all the lights and the living room where the drug buy was supposed to happen plunged into darkness. Panic and confusion filled the air as gunfire erupted around undercover Detective Josh Morin, and within seconds, he lay on the floor, dying.

He should have known it was an ambush. His gut told him that as soon as his partner showed up at the last minute to say that it was going down that night, giving him no time to ask questions. But in his dreams, all Josh could do was to react after the fact, pulling his gun in self-defense against veteran detective Ray Bigby, the partner he’d trusted for the last year since he’d been assigned to the drug detail. He was a rookie, after all, Ray would always say, and he still had a lot to learn.

Ray went down first, or at least, it looked like he did and not from Josh’s gun for backup came then. But the searing pain in Josh’s thigh told him that he’d been shot, too, and his leg buckled beneath him.  They said the bullet almost nicked his femoral artery which, according to the doctors, remained intact until they got him to the Emergency Room where it burst, nearly killing him if they hadn’t stopped the bleeding right away.  They said he coded on the table.  Twice.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was that second bullet—the one that shattered parts of his collarbone and damaged branches of his brachial plexus, leaving him with numbness down the inside of his arm and along some of his fingers months later. Hell, he would never know such anatomical terms if it weren’t for the fact that he’d almost lost the limbs they innervated. But that was life. You never know what you got until you lose it.

It was a major screw-up, and even the press said so when the full investigation began, where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

But there a few things that never failed to capture Josh’s attention every time the dreams of his ambush returned. It was as if a part of his subconscious wanted him to take one more look in case he missed something, planting seeds that Ray was not working alone.

In his dreams, Josh would always see Ray turning to look back at him before the lights would go out saying something. At first, Josh thought it was Ray saying something like, alright, kid, here we go, like he always did to break the tension just before a drug buy, and that’s exactly what Josh had said during the investigation. But in his dreams, Ray couldn’t have said those words because his gun had already been drawn and pointed straight at Josh. No, the words that had emerged had been something else.

Sorry, kid. Hate to do this to ya.

And like every night when the dream would come, Josh would wake up, heart racing, sweat coursing down his back that would leave his pillows and sheets soaked. He hated feeling so helpless, so stupid, for he should have known. He should have trusted his gut instinct. But that was probably why he still kept dreaming the same dream and hearing Ray saying the same thing over and over again like a broken record.

But if Josh were honest with himself, it wasn’t Ray’s words that sent Josh into a panic every time he awoke from his dream. It was something he’d never admitted to anyone, not even during his therapy sessions with Dr. Ecklund to deal with the emotional trauma. Never mind the shooting. This one left him weak knowing he’d almost missed his chance.

Three words.

Three simple words he never got to say to the only woman he ever truly loved even though she had no idea how he really felt for her.

I love you, Olivia Firelli.

Okay… that was five words.

In His Heart is one of the fifteen novellas included in Just You & Me Contemporary Romance Collection that’s available for preorder now.

If you’ve read Finding Sam, then you’ll recognize Olivia and Josh, and this is their story.

Preorder is Live for Just You & Me

Wouldn’t you know it, but I’m in a box set that releases this summer!



If you’ve read Finding Sam, then you’ve met Olivia and Josh and you’ll find their story in Just You & Me, a box set that features USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors… and me!  And the set is on pre-order for the unbeatable price of 99 cents!

Just You & Me launches on May 30, 2017!


Not Exactly Distraction-Free Writing


I’ve been pretty distracted these days. Too much to check online, whether it’s my sales numbers for the day, my Facebook and Amazon ads, and networking – all of which take so much time from my writing. It doesn’t help that I’ve currently got three projects due.

  1. Revision/edits for Loving Riley. Story of my life, this is still ongoing and I don’t know when I’ll ever get my butt in gear to get this book done and dusted. I’ve never been so critical of a story for as long as I can remember. It honestly scares the crap out of me to release this baby and guaranteed, when I do, it will be quiet. I’m that scared.
  2. A novella for Sarah and Benny, characters you may have met if you read Everything She Ever Wanted. Yes, they are getting their own story and it will be part of a box set that’s coming out in May. I’m excited and hope I can get those 15K words flowing, no problem. I just wish I could release it sooner – but before I can worry about that, I have to write it first lol
  3. A series of three books under a pen name. Yup, pen name central, here I come. I thought I’d be able to get it done in the next three days, but with the little guy on holiday break, my days have been filled with kid-related activities and I can barely hear myself think, much less write anything until he and his dad go to bed – which unfortunately has become the same time my brain shuts down as well.

So with all those things on my plate, I need some distraction-free writing the moment the kid heads to school on Monday. I’ve pulled out the big guns for this AKA my Alphasmart Neo2.

It’s a sturdy distraction-free writing tool only because it was built for school kids and has no internet – no Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or any social media. You just write your heart out and then transfer all that text to your MacBook when you’re done.  All for under $30 on eBay.

You need a cable, of course, to do transfer your files (and you can even blog on it and then transfer that into your blogging window), and it acts like a keyboard emulator. In fact, you can even use it as an external keyboard if you want and that’s what I’m doing now. So happy to have found the cable…

Unfortunately, connecting it to my MacBook just presented me with distracted writing instead. Not exactly distraction-free writing, is it?