Other Side of Love is LIVE!

I’m combining #teasertuesday with a #newrelease post today because… well, why not?! I’ll also keep it short and sweet! If you like your contemporary romance with family life and emotional angst, then Sarah and Benny’s got your number. Here’s the blurb with the links to major retailers. Half-Navajo Benny Turner has lived his life straddlingContinue reading “Other Side of Love is LIVE!”

Musings Over Coffee: When You’re Without Your Computer But You Need to Put Down the Words…

So my 2011 MacBook Pro fizzled the other night and it’s at the computer repair shop where they tell me it will probably be about five to seven days BEFORE they can even look at it since they’re backlogged. I could have taken it somewhere else but these same guys upgraded the hard drive toContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: When You’re Without Your Computer But You Need to Put Down the Words…”

Musings Over Coffee: Cousin Explainer and Books

Extended families. You can’t live with them. You can’t live without them, at least in my culture. And I used to be so confused as to what degree of cousinhood someone was whenever I attended our extended family holiday gatherings. A few months ago, one of my aunts announced that one of our cousins hasContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: Cousin Explainer and Books”

Things Heard while Book Shopping

I went into Barnes & Noble this morning to get myself a copy of Seth Godin’s This is Marketing so I could see the charts he refers to in the audiobook. While his blog has a page dedicated to the charts, I figured it was time to just get the book in hard copy especiallyContinue reading “Things Heard while Book Shopping”

When Real Life Gets in the Way of Books… As It Should

Two more days before my latest book goes live and I’m starting to get really excited about its release. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to be enthusiastic about it because of deadlines for my Naughty Pen—deadlines that I realized I didn’t really need to add to my already cramped schedule—and most recently, issues with myContinue reading “When Real Life Gets in the Way of Books… As It Should”

Happy Endings

There are rumblings on social media over what romance really is as a genre. Some state that all you need is a glimmer of hope for a story to be labeled a romance like, let’s say, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes or The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks*. Therefore, a Happily-Ever-After (HEA) or a Happy-For-NowContinue reading “Happy Endings”

Happy World Book Day!

I could tell you about my favorite books for Word Book Day but I’ll tell you about the first book I wrote and published instead. Finding Sam is set in Southern California’s South Bay cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. It was my second attempt at writing a novel set in the area, theContinue reading “Happy World Book Day!”

Sunday Pick: Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram

WordPress just informed me that this month marks my five year anniversary since I started blogging. That’s when I moved my original blogs from another platform to WordPress and I haven’t looked back. I love the community that WordPress fosters and I enjoy discovering new bloggers every day. What’s even more fun is that if theyContinue reading “Sunday Pick: Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram”

Things Will Get Better (and Other Musings)

That’s what I tell myself after this week’s many fiascos that have left me shaking my head. Hitting the wrong button to unpublish my latest release and then being unable to track down all the old links that go nowhere so I could update them. Getting 90% of my reviews of the latest release takenContinue reading “Things Will Get Better (and Other Musings)”