Permission To Be

Today after finding my love bite for Book+Main, the section I picked out made me realize something I hadn’t really thought of before. In my book, Finding Sam, the heroine, Sam, is tentatively returning to her passion, painting,… Read More

Steamy Saturday #steamybites

So it’s steamy Saturday and since I can’t post the full bite from my ultra-steamy DrazenWorld Novella here because it’s pretty racy, you can check it out on Book+Main. Here is a sampling of the bites I’ve posted… Read More

Getting Ready for 2018: Book+Main

This is one of those posts that will be published in a series (if I remember!) so I don’t get overwhelmed with all the information. Because with so many things to take care of for 2018, I figure… Read More

Musings Over Coffee: What NaNoWriMo?

Yes, I’m so behind it’s not funny. I declared my intention to write Gareth’s story for NaNoWriMo but all I did was create that cover and teaser and called it a day. I haven’t done a thing. At… Read More