The Reviews Are (Coming) In!


“…still loving Ashe” 

I am in love with this series and these characters… I loved the narration (his voice melts me like butter). Loved the twists in the storyline, the sweet romance and of course the HEA…

“Great voice brings the story to life” 

This book was the second in the series and the story takes up just where we left off in the first and didn’t disappoint. plus the narrator’s voice captured my mental image of Ashe perfectly and I can’t wait for the next in line in the series. 

“Riley and Ashe…”

Ashe and Riley have overcome so much. The secrets revealed in this book were so worth waiting for. I loved the characters determination. The storyline has heartbreak, perseverance, love, humor, and vengeful ex-lover. Martin John Hopkins is the perfect voice for this book told from Ashe’s point of view. I really enjoyed his sexy accent.

It’s been a few weeks since the audio narration of Loving Riley was released and the reviews are coming in. If you’ve left your review, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the story. If you’d like a free copy to review, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you an Audible code which you can redeem.

You can listen to the sample here.


The Muse… Er, Loving Riley is LIVE !

Yup, Ashe Hunter, er, Loving Riley is finally live on Audible and Amazon.

I’m still waiting for the link to show up on iTunes (which I hear may not last too long – but only because Apple will be splitting it to three (Books, Music, and TV,  which I thought was the way the app was structured).

This is the third audio narration of my books, the other two being Loving Ashe and Everything She Ever Wanted. This was also the one that probably took the longest for me to find the right “voice” to be Ashe mainly because when I wrote the first book, I already had his “voice” inside my head and nothing else would do but something close to that voice. Deep, intense, and smooth as “chocolate drizzled… over a lover’s skin,” if I remember the first book correctly.

Talk about being too close to your muse, right?

If you’d like a promo code (good only for Audible US and UK) for Loving Ashe or Loving Riley (or both since you need to have read Loving Ashe to get Loving Riley), please let me know in the comments.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if Loving Ashe and Loving Riley are romance, they fall more under the umbrella of Literary Fiction. It has drama, angst, romance, and mystery. So, no, it’s not a genre romance at all.

And the Winners Are…

Yup, it’s time to announce the winners of my giveaway hops the past two weeks.

The winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card for the Naughty Santa Blog Hop is Rachel.

Dirty Santa for December Blog Hop

Congratulations are also in order for Susan Homan who won the signed paperback of Loving Ashe and the Coach side-wristlet from my Facebook Holly Jolly Chick Lit Hop.

I’ve emailed both winners and sent out the prizes which is a record for me since I’m so forgetful!

There are still two winners to pick out for the Audible codes. I ended up picking winners from an existing giveaway from earlier in the year that already had winners and sent them my last two US codes by mistake. So those are pretty much gone but I’ll pick the correct winners later today (hopefully the UK codes will work for them) after I’ve had my coffee. I had picked the first batch of winners around midnight last week, too bleary-eyed to realize what I’d done until it was too late and I haven’t heard back from them to let them know that I’d picked them for an expired giveaway (especially since they didn’t enter the audible codes one).

But oh well… Next time, I’m waiting till AFTER I’ve had my coffee and am fully awake before I do anything that requires brain cells.

Anyway, my last newsletter of the year just went out as well. If you haven’t received my newsletter, you can read it here as well as sign up here.

Everything She Ever Wanted is LIVE (and other news…)

Everything She Ever Wanted is now out on AUDIO as of today and I’m so excited! And I’m so happy to have found Melissa Moran and Joe Hempel to voice Harlow and Dax respectively. They’re amazing narrators and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.


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In other news, Falling for Jordan has been pushed back to November 3. It’s the earliest date that was available per the publisher/aggregator and I apologize for the delay.