Musings Over Coffee: American Gods

What can I say? I’m hooked. But I’ve also been hooked on it since it first came out seventeen or so years ago when all you had were paperbacks. I remember reading it and going, Whoa! Who is this Neil Gaiman guy because he is amazing! I carried that book with me everywhere I movedContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: American Gods”

I May Have To Start Watching TV Again

The last time I faithfully watched something on TV (or my iPhone for that matter in case it featured cannibals and zombies and I have a kid-friendly house) was Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s reimagining of Thomas Harris’ The Red Dragon, featuring Hannibal Lecter played by the amazing Mads Mikkelsen. So, yes, it’s been a long time.Continue reading “I May Have To Start Watching TV Again”