Twelve New Chapters Ahead

Can you believe it? This decade ends today and tomorrow is the beginning of a new one! Even LilDude said his first decade is over and I’m like, when did you grow up all of a sudden? Twelve new chapters. 365 new pages. Whew. In my case, I’m splitting those twelve chapters into quarters whichContinue reading “Twelve New Chapters Ahead”

17 More Days Before the End of the Decade!

Can you believe it?! 17 more days and a new decade begins! A decade ago, I was nine months pregnant with LilDude and scared to death about what would happen during his delivery since he had been diagnosed as having MDCK in utero (Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney, which is when one kidney (or both, which wouldContinue reading “17 More Days Before the End of the Decade!”