Loving Ashe

“I absolutely adored this book! Ashe is the ultimate book boyfriend ..OMG so incredible! This book has so many twists, secrets that will have you thinking “WTH??” And I “NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING!” JEEZ.. I tell ya, Riley (our heroine) is one tough cookie) she came across in the beginning as a broken, needy, and insecure young woman.. But as the book continues she has every right to have become that way. She has been through so much in a short time..only 23 years old and so much has happened to her. She has a sister, Paige and brother in law Clint.. Who are there for her with their triplets all boys.. Riley is trying to reclaim her life from a break up 3 years ago that almost cost her life… Gareth and Riley grew up as neighbors from the time he was 10 and she 7 .. As adults she helped him with his goal of becoming a actor only to be left behind.. Then to hear from him and he wants to meet her.. Riley goes to the hotel, yet by the time she gets to his floor she changes her mind and jumps back on the elevator.. Only to meet a handsome, sweet man that looks to be running away from something or someone also …. Then the elevator gets stuck.. The two exchange only first names.. Ashe and Riley. Yet, the connection and attraction is there.. This book is so full of romance, sexy hot alpha males! Hot sex scenes, lies that are revealed and lives changed and learning to forgive.. This is a MUST READ… You will NOT regret it.” Loved loved!!!! Fabulous.”Amazon Review  (9/7/16)

“Who wouldn’t love Ashe? After reading the book it’s hard not to fall in love with him. He’s just about perfect and, dare I say, so is the book. If you want a book that lets you sit down, relax and read, then pick up Loving Ashe. Okay, maybe you won’t ‘relax’ all through the book because there is tons of emotion woven in throughout the pages. However, if you want to read and see how a man’s love can make a broken woman whole again without it being cliche, then you too will love Ashe.

Yes there is insecurity, pain, fear, happy times, betrayal and on and on…. too many adjectives to keep mentioning since they are placed within the folds of the book in a way that keeps you turning the page. Yes, there is sex but not like so many others books that puts sex scenes after sex scenes without them contributing to the plot. Liz Madrid writes them within the chapters that works with the the love and even betrayal that if not careful, the reader will find themselves emotionally entangled. But isn’t that what a good book is suppose to do — get the reader involved?

Also, I marked ‘some violence’ in the box above. It mainly is emotional violence of insecurity and betrayal. I’ve read this entire series and they are so well written to fit together that it’s hard to remember what event took place in which book. Don’t get me wrong. You definitely can read them as stand alone books without cliffhangers forcing you to wait to see what happens, however, they just flow together so smoothly that which scene comes from which book isn’t important . Okay, trust me, Loving Riley has scenes you definitely won’t forget since who could ever forget Ashe loving Riley? Nope, not gonna happen. But as each book in the series stands alone, they also flow together. It takes good writing skills to accomplish that and Liz Madrid more than has proven her abilities in this series. Loving Ashe is the start of something amazing.” – Amazon Review

“Loving Ashe is a really heartfelt story that will leave you reeling and wanting for more. The way that Liz describes her characters and brings them to life is amazing to witness. Each and every word of this story is beautifully written.

The characters are real, deep and flawed. People make mistakes. They lie and they manipulate. But, what matters in the end is that they try to redeem themselves and that they love.

I’m absolutely smitten by Ashe. Ashe Hunter is really a force to be reckoned with, you know? He’s so honest and real and persuasive and not ready to let go that you just can’t help but give into him. I mean, which girl can turn down noodles in a crowded restaurant, coffees, talks and lots of flowers and texts? Certainly not me and definitely not Riley.

Riley is an amazing and strong protagonist. She has a lot of her own demons that she’s fighting, but the way she appears to the world – happy and normal – shows just how strong she is in dealing with everything. Yes, she’s been sheltered a lot by her elder sister and she’s done a lot of stuff she’s not proud of, but she’s learning and growing up. She’s trying to stand her own and to fall in love again. I love that she isn’t perfect and that she misses things easily. It makes her character more real. She’s smart and honest and passionate about anything and everything she does. The love that she has for her nephews is amazing. I love her.

All in all, Loving Ashe is an amazing read!” – Amazon Review

A Collateral Attraction

“Billie, a small-town California hippie girl is in New York to reunite with her fashionista twin sister, Blythe. Blythe wants to introduce Billie to her wealthy new boyfriend and lifestyle, but a running battle between the boyfriend and his brother drag the sisters into a sinister plot, in which they’re both expendable. Billie finds herself outfitted in designer clothes and jetting around the world with the brother, trying to save her sister from the looming disaster. It doesn’t help that Blythe is convinced Billie is trying to sabotage her.

Fast-paced and steamy, A Collateral Attraction illustrates the dangers of sibling rivalry, and the redemptive power of love.”Amazon Review

“This is my first Liz Durano book and I absolutely LOVED it! The writing was superb and the plot unique. Twin sisters, one outgoing, the other reserved. A huge misunderstanding and they become estranged from each other. One lives in New York, the other in a small town in California. One has fashion sense, the other doesn’t. Polar opposites. But they are identical twins. What could happen? LOTS!

This story has conspiracy, blackmail, murder, deception, embezzlement, brother against brother, and everything in between.

The main premise is the romance between Billie and Heath, Ethan’s brother. They jet set around the world in search of answers to clear Blythe from suspicion of embezzlement. They are led on a roller coaster that never seems to stop!”Amazon Review

“Billie and Blythe are identical twin sisters but so different in character and personality. A well-written book with interesting characters. Lots of surprises and twists as we engage in mistaken identities, suspicion of murder, decades of lies, luxury, jet-setting, sibling rivalry, billionaire brothers, family secrets, etc. This book is a page turner that will leave you wanting more.

I received an arc copy in return for an honest review, but also purchased a copy for my collection.”Amazon Review

Finding Sam

“Sam, there were times I wanted to seriously smack you, but I couldn’t because I love you. A wonderful story with characters that you can’t leave behind when you close the book. This character, Sam, is so human she is sometimes painful to read. The unflinching narrative in her head is something I , as a woman, really learned from. It matters, what we say to ourselves and what we allow ourselves to hear from others. It’s a story about finding love and in that process, Finding Sam.”Amazon Review

“Finding Sam isn’t a lighthearted read. Sam has been through serious neglect and abuse from most of the people she should be able to trust, and she’d still struggling with a dangerous ex. There have been people in her life that helped her turn it around, but she’s lost them. The story is written in Sam’s point of view, and to me one of the most chilling parts of the story is the matter-of-fact way she relates the horrible things she has suffered, as though they were nothing extraordinary.

When Sam meets Erik, she’s instantly attracted, and just as instantly afraid. This contradiction continues throughout their relationship, moving to deeper and deeper levels, but she fights it all the way. Sam drew me in and made me care, enough that I wanted to slap her silly sometimes, but she earns everything she gains. A deeply emotional experience.”Amazon Review