Where She Belongs


Ever since Gabe and I met eight years ago, we’ve always put healthcare and dignity of our patients above profit. It made us the best of friends and professional colleagues.

But when an accident brings a big-shot investor into the picture, suddenly Gabe is singing a different tune and now I question everything I believed about him and what we had.

But that was before the betrayal that shook me to the core…

Before Gabe dropped everything to help me pick up the pieces and start over. Before he offered me a partner position in his new clinic that he promised represented the same ideals he and I believed in.

But there’s more to Gabe and me than sharing the same values.

There’s more to our friendship than we’ve admitted to anyone else… more than we’ll ever admit to ourselves.

But when I have to choose between rebuilding my practice or accepting Gabe’s offer, it’ll take more than professional ideals for me to commit.

It will take trusting him with the one thing that’s long been broken.