Well, Hello #1

And thank you, Australia!




The top screenshot was from yesterday and the lower one is from today.  As for Amazon US, this is as far as I got yesterday:


And I didn’t realize that there’s a whole separate ranking category for Hot New Releases but it was a nice discovery.


As for promotions that I had lined up, I had retweets from the Chicklit group on Facebook yesterday, and a newsletter promotion via LoveKissed Book Bargains today.

*With my rebranding, I thought I could keep my old websites with my old name and write about my book promotion efforts there, but it means I’m spreading myself too thin.  So I’m slowly consolidating everything here, book promos and all.  The rest of the sites will remain up (except for the self-hosted site which will probably just disappear once my three-year hosting plan expires) but I won’t be updating those starting this month.  The less sites I have to manage, the better.

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