The “Page Flip” Issue

So of all the books I have in KU (four), only one has NOT been page-flip-enabled. It’s also the only one doing really well as far as pages read are concerned. Until yesterday.

It’s really not a huge difference and there have been a few days that it was low, but not as low. With all the talk going around about how Page Flip (a new feature built into the Kindle app to help with navigation), it’s made me vigilant of any changes. So I figure I’d keep an eye on it. If I’m to keep this and other books in KU, I need them to make money.

I did sell about 19 books yesterday of ESEW which accounted for about $50 in sales and that’s a good thing to sustain but those KENP read numbers, even though much smaller yesterday, still account for about $30 in revenue I wouldn’t have if I were not in KU. And some days, it’s way more than that.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out if Page Flip is really a problem and this is one way to test it. If my reads don’t go up like they were in the last few weeks then Page Flip is an issue and that’s why I have the screenshot above to indicate when it was turned on by Amazon. It hadn’t been there before, and I made sure to check every day since this whole Page Flip issue causing 1 page or no reads at all to happen. Looks just like this probably:

But then I could also have a sucky book…

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