So It’s KU For the Last Quarter

After much consideration, I will be putting Loving Ashe and Loving Riley into KU from October – December. I’ve been crunching the numbers of late and so far these have been my results.

From January 1 to September 23, 2017, these are the numbers for Loving Ashe, Loving Riley and the book bundle:

WIDE – $3240.31 (30%)
KDP – 7547.61 (70%)

TOTAL: $10787.92 (100%)

I put in an average of $300 – $600 a month towards FB ads for this series mainly to attract wide sales but when you end up with these sales numbers, you realize that idealism and wanting the other retailers to succeed against Amazon’s domination isn’t going to put food on your table. Hard data doesn’t lie and neither does simple math.

And if I were to run the advertising numbers against the sales numbers, my net royalties will be even lower.

It makes sense that despite paying for ads to drive sales to other channels, Amazon still dominates in sales. The screenshots below are from February 2017’s Author Earnings report with Amazon taking the largest chunk of the ebook sales pie.


From Author Earnings February 2017

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