Seven Days Later…

They turned my ads back on. These are the ones that I had submitted after every LA ad was disapproved for policy violations.

I almost didn’t turn any of them on but with a start of low sales as of noon today, I need to turn at least one on to see if that makes a difference. I definitely need it for the weekend but this time, the budget is lower, just $15/day. That along with ESEW boosts at $5 or so. I’ll have to raise that actually because I think it’s only $2/day which isn’t enough. I think $20/day combined would be ideal although I still have AMS ads running and that’s about $10 a day or so. They don’t really get to spend the full budget and last night, I set up two more at $15 total using KDPRocket keywords. We’ll see how that one goes to see if they’re effective or not.

I don’t think I’ll be going bat shit crazy on FB ads anymore. The realization that I was so dependent on it for sales was frightening and so right now, I have promos scheduled for the coming weeks and I’ll have to do it that way – pulse it.

And I definitely need to work on the next book and that’s the best form of advertising ever.

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