Secret Project Launched

So I’m sitting here with a late cup of coffee (it’s 3 minutes to noon as I write this) because I spent the whole morning doing research for my upcoming release, managing my advertising, and editing the website and the new release for the, um… other pen name.

Yes, she released her book and it’s out there in the wilds of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited jungle. The book is sexy, smart, and made a whopping $3.43 in her first four days. It’s also 99 cents, that’s why, so royalties only amount to 35%.

Don’t feel bad for the pen name though (or do, it’s up to you) but I’m looking at this as an eye-opening exercise in starting from the beginning. Because I can’t advertise the secret pen name, said pen name has to start from scratch like she doesn’t know anyone in the business. And really, she doesn’t, which means no one knows anything about her either much like, you guessed it, any brand new author.

What this secret pen name does have is experience and lessons learned from lots of mistakes. So armed with no platform, “secret” (I might as well name her) did the following:

  1. Website
  2. Mailing List
  3. Patreon – no patrons yet because she has yet to officially launch it
  4. Facebook Page
  5. Paid a virtual assistant to “pimp” her book out to Facebook groups for a day which got her 10 Page likes on her page
  6. Paid to have her book included in a website that sells books like hers sometime in August
  7. Added her book to be promoted for free to certain newsletters starting sometime in August

What I still need to do:

  1. Write a short story as a bonus for signing up to the mailing list.
  2. Write the next two books in the trilogy so I can then bundle them together in one volume in addition to the three books sold separately.

You could say it’s How to Self-Publish and Market a Book and Build Your Author Platform… 101.

It’s actually fun minus the urgency and sense of panic I felt in the beginning of NOT having a platform and nonexistent sales. I know they will come as long as I do one thing: write more books.

Yup, it’s the same advice I hear from every successful author (not the one-hit wonders, by the way, but I’m talking about indie authors since that’s what I am) out there. Write more books. Tell more stories. Entertain your readers.

Isn’t that what storytellers do?

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