Reviving that Poorly Performing Book

A while back, I touched on Collateral having such terrible sales numbers compared to all my other books. It’s almost like the black sheep in the family – a story I wrote thinking I had a really good story only to see it flounder terribly the moment it was sent out to the real world. It also feels like the unwanted child sometimes. Finding Sam is the firstborn and so no matter how terribly she may do sales-wise (and all royalties go to charity), she can’t do anything wrong. LA and ESEW are the over-achievers and poor Collateral is the one who just can’t seem to do things right.

So I talked about Collateral’s numbers here and realized I needed to do an update. After all, if I’m busy redoing covers for Finding Sam and pouring ad money on LA and ESEW and not doing anything for Collateral, can one really blame it for not doing well?



There is actually some movement. Not much, but better than the “before” version.

I had originally planned to remove it from KU but I forgot to uncheck the renewal box and missed the renewal date. By the time I remembered, it was too late so might as well make the most of it.

One of the things I did was change the cover of the ebook. The paperback will remain the same; I don’t sell enough paperbacks to warrant a change there and I do like the original cover. The change in the cover didn’t do much to get more eyeballs to it; on the contrary, there are so many covers just like it.

Still, it’s an experiment.

Another thing I did just three weeks ago was lower the price to 99 cents because I included it in a 99 cent April 1st promo (sold 1 copy and got about 400 pages read) and it’s going to be in another promo during the middle of the month. The rationale behind the price drop is that it’s in KU and while I may only make $0.35 per sale, I can make $1.80 if a person reads the whole thing in KU. Well, that’s the rationale anyway…

Oh, and I also boosted a Facebook post last month for about $10.

Total sales for March?

This is from Book Report, an app that can track your Amazon sales and KU reads. The numbers from left to right are: Amount earned, KENP pages read, Books sold, and Giveaways.

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