Reordering the Series

Today, I have decided to shuffle the books in A Different Kind of Love series. Maybe even move a few to another series altogether because it’s hurting the read-through more than anything.

Original order:

  1. Everything She Ever Wanted – Taos location with Taos characters plus the addition of Harlow who is visiting and then it becomes a forced proximity situation between her and Dax. Who is mentioned heavily: Gabe, Daniel, Todd and Sawyer Villier
  2. Falling for Jordan – New York location involving Harlow’s business partner Addison Rowe whose one-night stand with Jordan leads to a surprise pregnancy she passes off as planned via a sperm donor. Her name is mentioned only twice in ESEW and she has NO lines either. Who is mentioned heavily: Campbell and Caitlin
  3. Breaking the Rules – Taos location with Taos characters plus the addition of Alma who moves to Taos after her late husband’s best friend suggests she make a fresh start with her life in Taos. Friends to lovers romance. No new characters mentioned. 
  4. Friends with Benefits – aaaand we’re back in New York with Caitlin, Jordan’s sister and his best friend Campbell in a friends to lovers romance. There is a strong lead-in to Daniel Drexel here as Campbell’s new boss.
  5. Every Breath – aaaaaand we’re back in Taos again with Sarah, Dax’s older sister and her partner Benny who both have a strong presence in Everything She Ever Wanted and have had readers wondering why on earth aren’t they married after 11 years together??? Strong lead-in to Daniel Drexel as the next book in the series.

New Order:

  1. Everything She Ever Wanted – Taos/Dax and Harlow
  2. Breaking the Rules – Taos/Sawyer and Alma
  3. Every Breath – Taos/Sarah and Benny
  4. Falling for Jordan – New York/Addison and Jordan
  5. Friends with Benefits – New York/Caitlin and Campbell

This lineup allows me to do this:

And sure enough, after changing the order of the books on KDP, I went ahead and published this new set as Volume 1. I may end up making this book #4 and then Falling for Jordan and Friends with Benefits will become Volume 2 as soon as I write Roxy’s St. Patrick’s Day story to complete the 3-book set.

I have the Volume available for $7.99 simply because I’m not ready to discount it right out of the gate. It’s so easy to discount it especially when I see so many authors do it and swear they made so much money but I’m just not ready to take that step since I have no other contingency plans outside of discounting the book. No swaps, no ads, no newsletter promos, nothing. I need to tie these things in with a lot of things and make it one huge event.

Like a Bookbub.

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